22 Women Reveal How Often They Have Sex With Their Live-In Partners & There’s A Range
by Candice Jalili

I used to assume that when a couple moves in together, that automatically translates to tons and tons of sex all the time. Now that I'm in a long-term relationship of my own, I can see how tons and tons of sex all the time could be a little... well, exhausting. But that doesn't stop me from wondering how often couples who co-habitate are actually doing the deed. Is there a specific number for how often to have sex when living together? Well, a recent Reddit AskWomen thread asked ladies to share how often they have sex with their live-in partners, and I think their answers speak for themselves. If you thought there was one "right" number, think again: every couple finds what works best for them.

This couple manages to do it a couple of times a week even with their opposing schedules.
1-2, we work opposite shifts half the week.


It totally depends on the week for this couple.
I mark intercourse pretty consistently in my period tracker app, the statistics say 6.5 times per month so a bit more than once per week? There are weeks with 3+ times and weeks with zero but that is what it averages out to I guess.
He has a lower sex drive than me but it isn't substantially less unless he is under a lot of stress.


This couple squeezes sex in twice a week, even with their busy schedules.
We have 2 kids and work opposite shifts to save on childcare. We still manage at least twice a week.


This couple tries not to have sex *too* often to keep things interesting.
Once or twice. I think it’s a good number. I get bored with sex if we’re having it like every day; this frequency keeps things exciting.
We’ve been together 10 years if that makes any difference. So I think we’re doing pretty alright!


This couple averages four to seven times a week.
4-7 on average.


They pretty much doing it constantly.
~10 - most every night and some mornings.
I mean there's no right number here, whatever people are happy with works.


Sex is a monthly occurrence for this couple.
Maybe once a month. Definitely not a weekly or daily thing.


They do it almost every night.
Most nights, some weekend mornings... so I guess about 6 or 7.


They do it a couple of times on the weekend.
Once or twice a week. My BC is a libido killer and work exhausts us both, so we need to capitalize on the weekends.


About once a month is fine for this couple.
We're not terribly sexual. Probably once a month or so.


The combination of her low sex drive and their conflicting schedules doesn't leave a lot of room for sex.
Unfortunately for him I have a low sex drive and we’ve had conflicting schedules most of this year until two weeks ago. He’s also a morning/once a day kind of guy and I’m a before we go to bed/5 times a day once or twice a week kind of girl. So on average I’d say once a week. However there have been entire months where we didn’t. If I don’t feel like it or don’t want to for an extended period of time I try to at least BJ or something. I feel guilty about how little we do and have been wanting to ask this question!


They're both sexual people who prioritize getting it on.
It varies, because I work 60ish hours a week and he travels for work at least 1 week every month. On average, I'd say 3 - 6 times a week. Sometimes that's more than once in a single day, and it's not always full-on intercourse. We both have fairly high sex drives.


Work and kids get in the way but they still manage to make it happen.
We average three times a week but that depends on unpredictable work hours and kids (that hopefully aren't sick and want to sleep in their own beds).


This couple does it every few months.
On average, we have sex every 1 - 3 months.


The fact that they're not having sex all the time doesn't mean they can't still have some ~sexual~ encounters.
Depends, on average me and my wife have sex once or twice a week. But often if we’re having a bit of a cuddle one of use will often end up playing with the others boobs or do a bit of light fingering (TMI?).


This couple does it a few times a week, but takes a break during her period.
At 2-ish years, newly living together, we were probably at 4-5 times a week.
At 4-ish years, married, we are probably at 3-4 times a week.
But we skip my period week (both of our preference).


They do it a couple of times a year.
Once every 6 months or so, because every week is a new excuse not to.


Mood plays a big role in how often they have sex.
Probably 5-6 times a week depending on mood/period/stress


Their sex life exists only in extreme highs and lows.
We can go a couple weeks without having sex or everyday/night. There is no inbetween


They do it almost every day unless life gets in the way.
Near daily unless outside circumstances prevent it.


Moving got in the way of their daily sex.
During a “typical week”, it’s every day. However, this week we’ve been moving and have essentially fallen into bed too tired to move.


They do it at least once a week.
Together 4 years. At least once a week. At most 3 times a day haha! It really just depends on our schedules/mood


OK, so based on these varying responses I think we can all agree that there is no such thing as a number of times you "should" be having sex with your live-in partner. Whatever works for you and your partner is A-OK.

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