Applebee’s Is Selling $1 Margaritas Again, But You’ll Have To Act Fast To Grab One


If there is one drink that defines summer, it has to be a margarita. And it looks like the summer season is coming early at Applebee's this year, because their infamous and amazing dollar margarita, officially called the Dollarita, is back in business. So how long will the Dollarita be available for? You should definitely start planning your visit to Applebee's soon, because they won't be around for long.

Applebee's released a press statement on April 2 that the casual restaurant chain will be bringing back the dollar drinks for the entire month of April. Since one day this month has already passed, that only leaves 29 more days that Dollaritas will be around. So if you're reading this and are looking for a place for after work drinks (or just drinks in general), I highly suggest you get to your local Applebee's before time runs out. The offer is only available for dine-in guests, and not all Applebee's locations are participating. So if you want to grab yourself a Dollarita, your best bet is to find your nearest Applebee's and call to ask if they're taking part in the Dollarita month.

Can I just say that Applebee's timing with this announcement could not be more perfect? It's like the universe knew that my wallet and bank account needed a serious break. And I think that we can all agree that dollar anything is always a good thing. I'll definitely be frequenting Applebee's for the month of April.

The margarita is made using your traditional ingredients — Applebee's well tequila and margarita mix. This offer is available all day, so any time is Dollarita time. It's served in a frosted 10 oz mug on the rocks and it will only cost you one dollar, in case you forgot that detail. And I am so incredibly happy about this news, in case you couldn't already tell. It's the perfect way to welcome the spring season and celebrate the upcoming summer season.

This isn't the first time that Applebee's is doing the Dollarita. The drink was first introduced back in October 2017, and it's making a return thanks to popular demand. In the press statement, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee's Patrick Kirk said,

Margaritas are extremely popular with our guests, and our DOLLARITA is the most refreshing drink money can buy. We first introduced the DOLLARITA to America last October, and we're excited to bring it back in April as a reason to celebrate the return of spring.

This isn't the first time we've seen drinks with the dollar price tag on them either. In the past, Applebee's has offered dollar versions of Long Island iced teas and Bahama mamas. They've also served up a slightly more upscale two dollar vodka lemonade drink, which was made with Absolut brand vodka. So this restaurant chain is no stranger to thirsty customers looking for a lot of bang for their buck.

And of course, what happy hour would be complete without bar snacks to help soak up all the margs that you'll definitely be consuming. I mean, why wouldn't you order yourself some apps, or even a full blown meal? With all the money you'll be saving on drinks, treating yourself to a lunch or dinner out isn't a big deal.

I'm beyond pumped for Dollarita season, even if this will only last a month. If it's still not quite spring yet where you live, these dollars margs will definitely boost your mood and get you ready for the weather to finally warm up. If you've never been to an Applebee's before, I'm sure that you'll be planning on going there now.