Here's How The New AirPod Wireless Charging Case Works, In Case You Were Wondering

In case you haven't heard the news, Apple is rolling out a new version of its AirPod headphones. The new AirPods come with a slew of convenient new functions but there's one that really stands out to me. One of the newest features of the second rendition of the AirPods is a Wireless Charging Case. This wasn't offered with the original AirPods. So, you may be wondering, "How does Apple's Wireless Charging AirPod Case work?" You're in luck, because it's actually really simple.

In a highly-anticipated announcement, Apple unveiled a new version of AirPods on Wednesday, March 20. For the most part, the new AirPods look the same as the original AirPods. But, there are some major differences like the addition of a Wireless Charging Case. Now, the case is optional. You can buy the new AirPods with the standard charging case for $159. It's just like the case that comes with the first version of the AirPods. Or, for an extra $40, you can buy the latest version of Apple AirPods with the added bonus of a Wireless Charging Case. The cord-free case is also available for purchase on its own. It'll run you $79.

If you've never used any sort of wireless charging technology before, you may be curious as to how it works. It's really easy to use. Per Apple, the new Wireless Charging Case works with "Qi-compatible charging solutions." If that sentence left you scratching your head, not to worry. Qi is simply the technology that supports wireless charging. You've probably seen (or at least read) about wireless charging pads. Many retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart offer wireless charging devices.

To power up your Wireless Charging Case, purchase a charging device that is suitable with the new Apple AirPods case. Just check out the product description to make sure that the wireless charging pad is Qi friendly. First, plug the wireless charging pad into an outlet. The pad needs power in order to charge your AirPods. What's the benefit? Well, for starters, you can charge your AirPods and other devices without using multiple cords. The wireless pad serves as your one-stop-shop to help make sure your new AirPods are juiced up and ready to go. Once you've plugged in the wireless charging device, place your AirPods on top of the pad. The ear buds should immediately start charging.

You can check on the status of the charge by opening up the case. If you see a green light, this means that your AirPods are charged. If you see an amber color, this means that your AirPods have less than one full charge left.

If you have issues with the Wireless Charging Case, you may need to reset the connection. Try setting up your AirPods again to troubleshoot the problem. If you don't have any luck, set up an appointment at the Genius Bar or contact Apple Support directly.

The standalone Wireless Charging Case is currently available for purchase on Apple's website. You can also buy the new version of AirPods with the Wireless Charging Case online, too. Both options will be available in Apple stores starting next week.