Pinterest Launched New Shopping Features That Make Buying From Your Boards SO Easy

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Pinterest has been the place to build mood boards for your dream life since it launched in 2010. Whether you’re imagining a whole new wardrobe, redesigning your room, or looking for inspiration of any kind, Pinterest makes creating your ideal world relatively simple. And now, it just got a little easier to turn that dream life on your boards into a reality with Pinterest’s new shopping features, which allow you to find in-stock items from (or similar to) your pins and have a direct line to purchase those items.

Before you start going through all the pictures you’ve pinned over time, let me explain how the features work. After finding something you like, simply click on the picture, and a “shop more like this” option will appear underneath the image, with similar, shoppable items. Click on that area to go to another page, which will list similar products all linked directly to the retailer’s site. For example, if you fall in love with a work outfit, after you click on it, scroll down to the “shop more like this” suggestion. Once you click on that, you’ll see similar tops, pants, shoes, and whatever other clothes are in the image on the right-hand side of your screen, so you can shop — and potentially recreate— the whole look. On the left-hand side are the options to choose only a single product category, like pants, and to designate a price range so you can filter the suggested items further.

Another easy way to shop is to go to a Pin’s page and click the magnifying glass in the lower right-hand corner of the image. Then, you can crop the picture to just include the portion you’re interested in purchasing, and buyable options will pop up beside the photo immediately. For those who enjoy using Pinterest on their phones, you can hold down your finger on any Pin to get an option to directly go to the shopping tag.

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If you’re ready to start growing your closet right away with things you already know you like, you can go to your pre-made boards, and a shop tab will pop up with products inspired by your Pins. Like a personal stylist, you can then find suggestions suited for your unique tastes. After all the work of creating your mood boards, it couldn’t be easier to actualize them.

For a specific item, like a blazer, all you have to do is type whatever item you’re looking for into Pinterest’s search bar, and next to the explore tab will be a shop option. From there, you can scroll through a plethora of brands and styles to find your perfect shoppable look. If you’re looking for a more general, aesthetic shopping experience, you can search for something like “spring outfits.” Then, Pinterest may ask for your choice out of a few more categories, like “Boho,” “Street Style,” “Work,” and others before offering a shoppable page fit precisely for your style, although not every combo will immediately generate a shopping list.

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To provide you with even more inspo, influencers and publishers are partnering with the social media platform to create curations called Shopping Spotlights. Former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth, influencer Blair Eadie, and publications like Refinery29 and Who What Wear are partnering with Pinterest for the launch. The curated lists will include the trendiest content picked by the figures themselves, so you can ensure you’re putting your most fashion-forward self out there.

With all these new, super easy-to-use features, achieving your aesthetic goals has never been easier. All the shopping tools are up and running on right now, so you may want to go and grab your credit card ASAP. There’s now more inspo than ever before to change up your life.

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