Here's Where You Can Watch Every 'Veronica Mars' Episode Before The New Hulu Series


Veronica Mars is the latest TV show to return in full force for new episodes years later, but unlike most of these comeback shows, the original teen mystery drama isn't too easy to find nowadays. You won't find reruns on cable or seasons on a streaming service, but that's about to change. In case you want to embrace your inner Nancy Drew, here's where to stream Veronica Mars before the new Hulu series premieres.

Before Kristen Bell was Frozen's Princess Anna and a delightful addition to your Instagram feed, she starred in the titular role on the 2004 series Veronica Mars. Airing on the now-defunct UPN channel before moving to The CW, Veronica Mars initally followed teenage detective Veronica as she tried to solve the murder of her best friend. The following two seasons introduced new mysteries in Veronica's hometown of Neptune, California, balancing her need for justice alongside her attempts at having a normal high school experience.

The show wrapped in 2007, but the cast briefly reunited for a 2014 Veronica Mars movie that a Kickstarter campaign funded. Kickstarter projects were quite the trend back then, but the recent pattern of TV revivals led to Hulu signing on for an eight-episode revival series premiering on July 26. In case you're a longtime fan of Veronica Mars or want to get into it before new episodes arrive, Hulu will start streaming the original three seasons on Monday, July 1.

According to TVLine, the Veronica Mars film won't be immediately available on Hulu despite previous reports that it would arrive alongside the original series and the revival. As of June 10, it's streaming on HBO Go and HBO Now. You might want to track down that HBO password you tossed away after the Game of Thrones finale, because the new series picks up five years after the events of the Veronica Mars movie. In the film, Veronica returned to her detective work almost a decade after high school to help clear ex-boyfriend Logan's (Jason Dohring) name in a murder mystery. That experience inspired her to revive her career in private investigation, which is in full swing in the teaser for the new series.

Hulu's teaser throws things back to the very beginning, showing present-day Veronica jogging as she says in a voiceover, "When your best friend is murdered before your 17th birthday, you don't develop a keen sense of mercy." She then fends off a mugger with ease, even snapping an obligatory pic for Instagram. The promo then introduces the newest Neptune mystery — a surging crime wave just as spring break season begins.

In addition to starring Bell and several original cast members, the Veronica Mars revival welcomes new additions Dawnn Lewis, J.K. Simmons, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who fans of Bell may recognize from her NBC sitcom The Good Place. In an interview with The Oprah Magazine, Bell teased, "This show has much more adult characters, in a much more adult world — which I think is great, because Veronica’s audience has grown up. We’re not opposed to new teenagers watching the show, but the ones who did initially are all grown up now."

Seasons 1 through 3 of Veronica Mars will start streaming on Monday, July 1, on Hulu. The Veronica Mars revival premieres on Friday, July 26, on Hulu.