Here's Where To Stream 'Period. End Of Sentence.' So You Can Celebrate With The Badass Winners

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A documentary about periods just won an Academy Award!! That's right, the Netflix documentary that was spearheaded by women just won Best Documentary Short at the Oscars, so here's where to stream Period. End of Sentence. so you can binge it to your heart's delight. The film is a staunchly feminist work all about the social stigma surrounding periods in India. It only clocks in at 26 minutes, but it's now 26 minutes of Oscar gold! *Squeals with delight*.

The documentary is all about a group of women in India who use a machine to produce sanitary pads. Women and girls all around the world miss hours and hours of work and school each year when they're menstruating because they simply don't have access to proper feminine hygiene products, so the Oscar-winning film sheds light on a group of women who worked toward creating a solution. According to TIME, 40 nearby villages now use the products these women are creating.

The film was released on Netflix, so that's where you can watch it as much as you want. And it was created by 25-year-old Iranian-American director Rayka Zehtabchi.

Their big win marked a truly amazing moment during the awards show.

Zehtabchi was crying when she took the stage because she was in such disbelief that the film won. "I can't believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar!" she cried. Another amazing moment was when the creative team that took the stage to accept the award was a group entirely consisting of women.

In an interview with Glamour, Zehtabchi detailed some of the stories she and her team learned about while working on the film, which was created with The Pad Project.

"Some of the craziest moments during filming would be when we talked to older women—who had gone their entire lives menstruating and should have been talking to their daughters about menstruation—but couldn’t even tell us why it happened every month, or why they got it," Zehtabchi told the outlet. "It breaks your heart because if they’re so afraid of the thing that makes them women, then I can’t imagine what else you would be afraid to do or talk about."

She added that just because the social stigma surrounding menstruation isn't as heavy in the United States as it is in India, there are still a lot of parallels. "After seeing the film I hope people understand this period stigma doesn't just effect those in India, we experience it in the United States and in other cultures as well," Zehtabchi said. "I also want viewers to realize that empowering women worldwide really starts with beginning with opening up the conversation around menstruation." She continued,

We can implement feminine hygiene, but first we have to break the taboo. I also want people to realize this isn't just a film for women, it's for men too. They're 50 percent of the population and men need to be having these conversations and championing the film just as much as women are.

You can watch Period. End of Sentence. on Netflix literally right now, if you want to. It doesn't appear to be available for rent or purchase on iTunes, nor is it available on other streaming platforms. So if you don't have a Netflix account, find a friend's login info and get. On. It.