Here’s Where To Get Sprite Ginger for a refreshing sip.

Sprite Dropped A New Ginger Flavor That Has A Bold Kick & Here’s Where To Try It

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Sprite

There's a new Sprite drink that's making a splash with its bold flavor. Fans of soda pop will want to hit their local grocery store ASAP and stock up on Sprite Ginger, the latest innovative sip from the beverage company. Here's where to get Sprite Ginger this season if you're looking to try the new drink.

Sprite unveiled Sprite Ginger and Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar on Wednesday, Feb. 12, as a response to the rising popularity of ginger-flavored sparkling drinks in the United States. The refreshing blends feature the lemon-lime flavor of classic Sprite, but with hints of ice cold ginger added to each sip. The aromatic ginger in the beverage was even designed specifically to complement Sprite's citrus tastes, so that the result is a perfectly balanced mix of flavors. One 12-oz can of Sprite Ginger includes 130 calories and 34g of sugar, while the Zero Sugar variety includes 0 calories and 0g of sugar. You can get your hands on Sprite Ginger in 20-oz and 2-liter bottles nationwide, and Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar in 12-oz cans nationwide. To find a nearby retailer selling the beverages, check out the store locator on Sprite's website.

Fans are pumped about the new flavors and are sharing their reactions to the new products on social media. Twitter user @ReactionRocket wrote, "This new Sprite flavor actually comes in cans and 2 liters this time and not just the 20 oz bottles!?! Plus Zero Sugar versions across the board as well! Sprite means business this time! I can't wait to try some," while user @vinemeup shared, "Smash. It sounds perfect for cocktails."

Sprite also teamed up with legendary streetwear designer Jeff Staple and other artists to launch the exclusive Sprite Ginger Collection. Sprite shared the new collection in an Instagram post on Feb. 13 along with the caption, "Nine Young Creators. Ten Original Items. One Ginger Collection." The special collection features trendy fashion pieces and various product, including graphic t-shirts, a custom cut-and-sew hoodie, a skateboard deck, accessories, a vinyl figurine, and more. Just like Sprite Ginger, the artistic collab is all about reinvention, combining the brand's signature features with a new twist. And now you can get a taste of that fresh twist for yourself by picking up some Sprite Ginger at a store near you.