These Booze-Filled Piñatas Will Upgrade Your Next Summer Party

If you're trying to plan the ultimate summer pool party, you've probably already got a list of the essentials — sunscreen, fruity alcohol, and a summer-themed playlist filled with all the hottest bops. Well, your essentials list is about to get a huge update with Nipyata piñatas, a fun party activity that combines the nostalgic fun of a piñata with some 21-plus booze-related fun. Here's where to get Nipyata's alcohol-filled piñatas for the ultimate party activity.

OK, if you need a moment to process the brilliance of putting mini bottles of alcohol inside of a classic piñata, I totally understand. It's what all my past parties were missing and what I pretty much need at all my future soirées.

If you're pumped about this upgraded party accessory, you can snag a customized Nipyata piñata from Nipyata's online store in just a few easy steps. When you get started with the order form, you'll first be asked to "choose your spirit animal," which is the actual shape of the piñata. Some of your options include a graduation cap piñata, the "Peen-yata," a party pig-shaped piñata, a classic donkey-shaped piñata, and piñatas celebrating various milestone birthdays. You also get the option to design your own piñata, which allows you to upload an image of what you'd want your piñata to look like.

Next, you get to choose how many plastic nips of alcohol you want in your piñata. For reference, nips are typically small 50-milliliter bottles of booze, and Nipyata lets you choose 10 bottles for $119.99, 20 bottles for $149.99, 30 bottles for $209.99, or you can even choose a custom amount. If you want to customize your alcohol selection, you'll be directed to a page that allows you to select what you want in the piñata — if not, Nipyata fills the piñatas with its own party mix that includes faves like Fireball, Jim Beam, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Jose Cuervo, and Bacardi. After a few more prompts to help you customize your Nipyata, you'll be asked to fill in payment and shipping info and voila! Your Nipyata will be on its way. According to the Nipyata FAQ, your piñata will arrive in two to seven business days. Custom Nipyatas will take longer.

Summer pool parties are one great event for piñatas, but the Nipyata website also recommends snagging one of these for a Halloween party, a bachelorette, housewarming, or graduation event. Though Nipyata can ship to most states, there are several states that don't allow the delivery of alcohol, including Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Utah. If you're a resident of one of those states, Nipyata won't be available to you at this time. If you live in a state that allows delivery, make sure to have someone 21 or older sign for the Nipyata, otherwise the carrier cannot leave it with you.

All Nipyatas come with a stick, blindfold, hanging twine, rules to the game, and 25 pieces of candy — which includes some of your faves like Starburst, Twizzlers, Skittles, DumDums, Gummy Life Savers, and Swedish Fish — meaning you can have a classic piñata experience with a little bit of a boozy surprise. I don't know about you, but I'm going to have to throw a party just so I can snag one of these ASAP.