Mountain Dew’s New Halloween Flavor Is A Super Mysterious Sip

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Mountain Dew

The best part about Halloween is the sense of mystery that comes around every fall. You really just never know what's lurking during spooky season. Well, it's about to get extra scary this year with Mountain Dew's VooDew Flavor. To properly start prepping for Halloween, you'll want to see what's in store for the new drink before you find out where to get Mountain Dew's VooDew flavor to stock up. It's time to cheers to the season's festivities with a haunted look at the just released sip.

Mountain Dew unveiled the mystery flavor as a limited-edition drink on Monday, Aug. 26, per press materials sent to Elite Daily. Unlike the classic beloved Mountain Dew flavor, you won't find any green hues in this seasonal special. Instead, the soda is a milky, opaque color. The Grim Reaper-type illustration on the bottle isn't the only nod to the October holiday. In fact, the flavor itself is a mystery (possibly a trick or a treat). Mountain Dew shared more info in the announcement, saying:

Some believe the true flavor will only reveal itself once the ancient ritual of going to the store and making a monetary sacrifice in exchange for the elixir has been completed. We may never know.

According to the brand the sip is available in 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans in retailers nationwide as of Aug. 26. Specifically, you can find it at Walmart, Circle K, and 7-Eleven locations, per a Mountain Dew rep.

Courtesy of Mountain Dew

Naturally, OG Mountain Dew lovers have tons of questions about VooDew. Since the flavor is a mystery, fans took it to social media to give their best guesses about the new product. Twitter user @joe_doyle described the taste with praise: "It's like cotton candy mixed with hints of candied apples. But it is so delicious. Halloween's big item is here."

@bitethismind chimed in by likening the drink to an ice cream: "That new Mountain Dew VooDew tastes like an orange creamsicle." If you ask me, that sounds totally incredible.

@realdeezyblaze also tweeted about trying the drink: "This VooDew Mountain Dew is wild, it's like creme soda with lime lollipops in it."

It sounds like people have been having all different types of experiences with the new VooDew flavor. From cotton candy to lime lollipops, it seems like the common thread from reviews is that the new drink is definitely a sweet treat and a wild ride.

According to Comic Book, the drink was first uncovered last year by internet sleuths who found the trademark filing for VooDew and the Liberty Brew. If you haven't gotten the chance to try it yet, the Liberty Brew is this summer's limited-edition drink by Mountain Dew. The blue-colored drink, which combines 50 flavors together, has patriotic packaging that features eagles and the State of Liberty. Like the VooDew flavor, plenty of customers were intrigued by the new flavor. Food instagrammer @candyhunting remarked that the Liberty Brew "tastes like a combination of grape berry with a tropical fruit note."

With all the different opinions on Mountain Dew's new creations, it sounds like the only way to truly get a gist of VooDew this year is to go out and get a taste for yourself. Make sure you head to the store ASAP, because this limited-edition sip might be gone scary soon.