Carvel's "Fudgie The Beer" Is Back To Be Your Fave Summertime Sip

Courtesy of Carvel

Those of you who consider yourselves Carvel connoisseurs might remember when the company released its first Fudgie the Whale-inspired beer in 2018 (I sure do). If you're unfamiliar with the brew, allow me to catch you up. In honor of Father's Day 2018, Carvel and Captain Lawrence Brewery teamed up to create and release "Fudgie the Beer." Sadly, the chocolatey brew was only available for a limited time — but it's coming back just in time for summer 2019. Before I tell you where to get Carvel's Fudgie the Beer, I'll discuss its flavors, so you'll know what you're getting yourself into.

As you could imagine, Fudgie the Beer was inspired by Fudgie the Whale, an ice cream cake covered in fudge and Carvel's iconic chocolate crunchies. According to a Carvel press release, Fudgie the Whale was originally created for Father's Day in 1977, and it boasted the saying, "For a Whale of a Dad." Therefore, Fudgie the Beer is the *perfect* ode to ice cream cakes and dads alike.

Not to mention, the beer itself was brewed with fudge, ice cream, and chocolate crunchies, per Carvel. That makes it the ideal summertime sip for anyone who loves a big slice of Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake (and beer, obviously).

Fudgie the Beer boasts a 6% ABV and anyone under 21 years old cannot purchase it or drink it. If you're at least 21 years old, though, you'll be able to buy the limited-edition brew at the beginning of June 2019. According to Carvel, the returning product will officially hit the shelves again throughout the week of June 10. Apparently, it'll be available at retailers along the east coast that sell Captain Lawrence beer. Per the company, those retailers can be found in Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

If you live near Captain Lawrence Brewery — which is located in Elmsford, New York — you have another option. Instead of waiting for the beer to hit retailers, you can pre-order a pack online and pick it up straight from the brewery. If you'd rather do that, you have until June 4 to place your order. Pickups begin on June 5 at the brewery itself, which means you'll be able to cut about five days of waiting time out of your schedule (as opposed to buying it in a store).

That seems like a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

Courtesy of Carvel

So, there are two ways you can score Fudgie the Beer when it's available in June. You can either head to a participating retailer, or you take a road trip to Captain Lawrence Brewery. Once you're finally sipping on a can (or pint), you'll be able to enjoy its "creamy cocoa notes" and "roasted crunchies" flavor, per Carvel.

TBH, it sounds like the perfect beer if you're craving something sweet (and boozy) on a summer night. If you crack a can open when the beer makes its return, drink it responsibly.