Ben & Jerry's Released New Red, White, & Blueberry Ice Cream For A Berry-licious Treat

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

As much as I was thankful for when spring came around, one taste of warmer weather makes me wish it was summertime, aka prime ice cream season, already. While we still have to wait a few months until the season of sun-kissed skin, iced beverages, and all things BBQ is in full swing, Ben & Jerry's is bringing its customers a taste of summer early in the form of two new pints. If you want to trick your tastebuds into thinking that patio season is well underway, here's where to get Ben & Jerry’s Red, White and Blueberry Ice Cream to feast like it's Memorial Day already.

While we still have well over a month to go until the May holiday signals the unofficial start of summer, the ice cream flavor scientists over at Ben & Jerry's decided to roll out two new warm weather-inspired pints that'll make you feel like we're in mid-June already: Ice Cream Sammie and Red, White & Blueberry, which both launched on Friday, April 19. A Ben & Jerry's rep confirmed to Elite Daily that these two new cookie-stuffed pints are permanent additions to the B&J family, and that they're exclusive to Walmart stores, meaning you can't purchase them online. They'll be retailing for just $4.48 per pint, according to the Ben & Jerry's rep, meaning that you can feel good about picking up one (or both) on your next trip to the supermarket.

Considering that Memorial Day and July 4 are just around the corner, I was stoked by the launch of the retailer's new Red, White & Blueberry pint, "which has blueberry and raspberry ice cream swirled with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and shortbread pieces," according to Ben & Jerry's website. It basically sounds like a cross between a mixed berry pie or shortcake, but in ice cream form, and it's a patriotic choice to bring out during all your festive summer BBQs or holiday celebrations considering that "every spoonful’s a salute to taste beyond the fruited plain," according to the website description.

I'm just saying, I can see this being a sweet and refreshing after-dinner treat that all your guests will want to dig into after your Memorial Day cookout.

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

If chocolate is more your speed and you're looking for an option that puts a tasty spin on your go-to jar of Cookies 'n Cream, you can capture the flavors of an ice cream sandwich in pint form with Ben & Jerry's new Ice Cream Sammie flavor. Just one word of warning: You'll definitely need a spoon to treat yourself to this nostalgia-inducing choice, per the product description:

To capture the great taste of the classic ice cream sandwich in a flavor that’s not actually a sandwich, we packed our creamy-rich vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies & swirls, best-captured, by you, with a spoon.
Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Contrary to its appearance, you're getting a mix of Ben & Jerry's trademark silky vanilla ice cream with chunks and swirls of chocolate sandwich cookies, not Oreos, and I'm so here for it.

Again, both of these summery offerings are available now exclusively at your neighborhood Walmart store, so you can catch me picking one up on my next groceries run and spending a night in with Netflix and a sweet pint pretending that summer is already here. Hey, a girl can dream.