You can now find Spotify Mixes by Artist, Genre, and Decade on the app.

Spotify Launched 3 New Personalized Playlists Categorized By Artist, Genre, & Decade

Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify is making it easier for you to discover new jams you'll want to put on repeat, thanks to the launch of a brand new feature. Inspired by the fan-loved Daily Mix playlists, the new Spotify Mixes include three categories of personalized track lists that are curated based on your current listening habits. Get ready to kiss playlist fatigue goodbye and get some new material on your radar once you know where to find Spotify Mixes by artist, genre, and decade.

On March 31, Spotify launched even more personalized playlists for all free and premium users based off their individual listening practices. While the idea was inspired by the Daily Mixes users have ben able to tune into since 2016, Spotify Mixes takes it one step further by creating three separate categories — Artists, Genre, and Decade — with multiple playlists that change frequently based on artists you like, genres you tune into, and which decades of music you frequently choose.

To find Spotify Mixes on the app, all you have to do is tap on the Search icon located at the bottom of the screen, and then tap on the "Made for You" hub, which should be located in the middle of your screen. (You don't have to type anything in the search bar.) There, you'll have three rows dedicated to "Your Genre Mixes," "Your Artist Mixes," and "Your Decade Mixes." You can also find your Spotify Mixes on your Spotify desktop when you click on "Made For You" on the left side of your screen.

Courtesy of Spotify

When you're in the Spotify Mixes, you'll be able to scroll to check out separate Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift (or whoever your go-to artists are) mixes in the "Artist Mixes" playlist, while Pop and '00s curations will be housed in the "Genre" and "Decades" mixes, respectively. Again, your mixes will all be based on your preferences.

Just like the Daily Mix, which is currently the music streaming service's most popular feature, all of the playlists are dynamic and will constantly update as Spotify learns more about your music preferences. In addition to music Spotify knows you like, the playlists will also feature new artists and songs to help you discover more great things to listen to.

The feature is available to current Spotify users around the world, so head to the "Made for You" hub to check out some of your personalized playlists. And if you're not a Spotify user yet, you can download Spotify, start listening, and get ready to see what kind of personalized mixes will come your way.