Schitt's Creek
5 TV Families To Spend Thanksgiving With If You're Alone This Year

by Ani Bundel
Pop TV

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of travel, as families scattered across the globe come together for a meal. But 2020 has made that much more difficult. Between stay-at-home orders, borders being closed, and general coronavirus pandemic problems, many people will find themselves alone this year. But just because you can't see your own family this year doesn't mean you have to spend the holiday without any family. TV is here to provide, and it's got some lovely loved ones to spend the day with. So, here's what to watch on Thanksgiving if you're looking for some warm and cozy feels.

The holidays are a time for TV marathons, but the last few years have changed where viewers can find them. Once upon a time, basic cable channels were filled with back-to-back Friends episodes, The Simpsons for hours on end, and days of Westerosi programming with Game of Thrones. But in 2020, most of this has moved to streaming. Channels like Food Network offer a faux family of friendly faces cooking, but that's just not the same. Now, the best place for fans to go when looking for TV families to spend the day with are streamers like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. Let's run down their best offerings:

'Schitt's Creek'

The Rose family's exploits came to an end in 2020, in the critically acclaimed sixth season that stormed the Emmy Awards. And for good reason: The series is a true family story, as Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis learn how to function in a world where their well-to-do attitudes don't fit. Their heartwarming (and sidesplitting) antics are a perfect spirit-lifter for a solo holiday. They even have a turkey-themed episode in Season 1.

All six seasons of Schitt's Creek are streaming on Netflix.

'This Is Us'

One of the best family dramas to arrive on broadcast in the latter half of the 2010s, the Pearson clan isn't just a group of people who will warm your heart; they are also die-hard Thanksgiving fans. The show has done Thanksgiving-themed episodes nearly every season, making this a timely marathon watch.

Four complete seasons of This Is Us, plus the first four episodes of Season 5, are available on Peacock.

'Bob's Burgers'

A direct descendant of Fox's The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers is an updated family for the times. Moreover, they celebrate Thanksgiving almost every season, in some of the best animated comedy half-hours to tackle the holiday. From newer season favorites like "Now We're Not Cooking with Gas" to Season 4's classic "Turkey in a Can," Bob's Burgers has all the good family feels and the thematically timely episodes.

All 10 seasons of Bob's Burgers, plus the first nine episodes of Season 11, are available on Hulu.


For those looking for a family that will make them appreciate your own, there's HBO's Succession. The satirically funny sleeper hit drama revolves around the Roy family, owners of a conservative media empire that's desperately trying to change with the times. Patriarch Logan Roy holds an iron grip on his family and business, but machinations behind the scenes may bring him down — if his children don't tear him from his throne in their power plays first. Their holiday games will make you thankful you're spending this one alone.

Both seasons of Succession are available on HBO and HBO Max.

'Gilmore Girls'

Before creating Amazon's Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Amy Sherman-Palladino was the driving force behind Gilmore Girls, the flagship series for The WB (before it became The CW). Starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, this is a love story between single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory. Their tight-knit relationship sees them through good times and bad. The show even has a Thanksgiving episode in Season 3 for those who need a dose of turkey.

All seven seasons of Gilmore Girls are streaming on Netflix.