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Here’s What To Gift Your BFF To Help Them Take On Anything

By Michelle Guerrere

Whether we recognize it all the time or not, our BFF is there for us the whole year-round. From minor freak-outs to all the major moments, they’re always around when we need someone to lean on. As a token of appreciation, it’s time we return the favor tenfold. That’s why we’ve decided to tailor their holiday gifts to helping them succeed at their own goals, big or small.

No matter what they’re planning on achieving in 2019, from training for a big race to amping up their street style game, we want to be with them every step of the way. That’s why when it came to creating the ultimate rundown of covet-worthy presents, we partnered with shoe mecca Finish Line and its exclusive adidas Shock Red Collection. Featuring ultra comfy and performance-ready takes on the popular Falcon and Edgebounce styles, your best friend will feel supported no matter which goal she has in mind. Below, find our curated picks for every friend and every goal.

Goal: Train for a Personal Best

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Training for any type of fitness or athletic goal — personal best! big race! — requires serious motivation. Getting to the gym, taking to the mat or pounding the pavement is a challenge, but just the right things will help her when she needs a little push. Take for example a pair of edgy adidas trainers that cradle the foot for extra support (and inspire major envy). Other workout must-haves: a cute water bottle for maximum hydration, a training shirt that keeps her as cool as it looks, holographic earbuds to stream the ultimate training playlist, and an adorable mat for when getting to the gym is just not an option.

Edge Luxe sneakers,; glass water bottle,; holographic earbuds,; exercise mat,; adidas designed 2 move jogger pants,

Goal: Take a Travel Getaway

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Budgeting and planning a wanderlust-fulfilling excursion is always a work-in-progress, which is why your friend will be so excited to unwrap these gifts. A coffee table book with fashion designers’ fave hotspots provides serious travel inspo in the planning stage, while the rest of the wish list covers what she’ll actually pack (or pack stuff in, like this gorgeous dual-tone backpack). Playful tags make spotting luggage at baggage claim that little bit easier, while cheeky travel bags separate essentials (lingerie, jewelry, clean and dirty clothes). For airport running to tackling cobblestone streets, there are retro-inspired clean sneaks that not only look cool, but are lined in French Terry to ensure every stride’s a comfy one.

Continental 80 sneakers,; coffee table book,; luggage tags,; Kate Spade New York travel bag set,; Beis travel backpack,

Goal: Become a Street Style Maven

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Upping her street style game is a fun but endeavor. Help her invest in some closet staples she’ll want to sport on repeat, like a pair of attention-grabbing red sneakers with chunky soles. A cool roomy logo hoodie will up her cred, while a highlighting stick gives her a glow on the go (and makes for easy touch-ups). She’ll even be able to turn bad hair days into a positive with an assortment of stylish scrunchies that she can stash in a cracked metallic backpack (look, no hands!).

Falcon sneakers,; adidas Originals hoodie,; Haloscope highlighter;; Kendall + Kylie backpack,; scrunchie set,

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