Here’s The ‘Westworld’ Timeline Of Events You Desperately Need For Season 3

by Ani Bundel

Season 2 of Westworld had one repeated mantra: "Is this now?" But this was a question of which event happened when inside the park, as Bernard unaddressed his memories, leading him not to know what happened in which order. Season 3, on the other hand, is doing something radical. It's leaving the park for the real world, where time is not a bunch of data in a host brain, and the march of days cannot be confused with those in the past. It does lead to a new question: When is now? This Westworld timeline of events will help viewers remember everything that's happened so far.

Season 1 jumped back and forth between the present day and 35 years in the past. Season 2 went one better. Not only did it go deep into the past, but it also filled in several portions of what Season 1 skipped over. It also played with time within the present day. Most of the second season's present-day scenes flash between the events directly following season one, and stuff that happens two weeks later.

Season 3 will mainly take place outside the park, set in the present day of 2052. But how did society get where it is now? Here's a timeline.

  • Arnold Weber and Robert Ford conceive of Westworld.
  • Dolores is designed and created.
  • Dolores passes Turing Test, Teddy, Angela, Armistice made. Escalante is opened for beta-testing.
  • The hosts are put on display for Logan Delos, who falls in love with the project.
  • Arnold's son Charlie dies, driving him to destroy Westworld and commit suicide.
  • The original host massacre in Escalante occurs.
  • The gentle indigenous village where Akecheta and his wife live is destroyed, the characters are remade into the "Ghost Nation."
  • Bernard brought online.
  • William and Dolores first meet on his trip to the park.
  • Akecheta comes across the sun crazed Logan, sparking his own awakening.
  • William brings James Delos to the park for the first time.
  • Diagnosed with terminal illness, the project to create a perfect replica host of James Delos to move his mind into begins.
  • James Delos retires, making William CEO.
  • Akecheta dies for the first time in ten years. He finds his wife in cold storage.
  • James rejects' Logan's final plea for help. Logan passes away later this year.
  • Akecheta begins to spread the gospel of the Door.
  • Congress passes the Privacy Act of 2039, making Delos' data collection project dodgy in its legality.
  • Theresa Cullen becomes Head of QA and starts an affair with Bernard.
  • Juliet commits suicide. The Man In Black's final ride begins.
  • Maeve's awakening begins when her daughter is killed by the Man in Black.
  • William terminates the James Delos project.
  • Charlotte Hale and Theresa Cullen form a secret pact to create a breach and smuggle out the giant mass of data on every patron who ever set foot in the park.
2052 - Present Day

Major events of the last two seasons:

  • Dolores walks the Maze, becomes Wyatt.
  • Bernard murders Cullen under Ford's orders.
  • Dolores begins the host revolution.
  • Maeve discovers she can control other hosts.
  • William murders his only daughter, Emily.
  • Dolores goes to the Forge, discovers the vast library of patron data on every person ever to visit the park.
  • The Door is opened, allowing a large segment of hosts to escape Delos control, including Teddy, Akecheta, Maeve's daughter, and many of the Ghost Nation.
  • Bernard kills Dolores, only to regret it, and decides to bring her back.
  • Most board members die.
  • Several key staff die as well, including designer Lee Sizemore, technician Elise Hughes, and Executive Director Charlotte Hale, who is replaced by a host with Dolores' consciousness inside.
  • Maeve's pet technicians Felix and Sylvester survive, as does Security chief Stubbs.
  • Stubbs recognizes Charlotte is a host, and guesses Dolores is inside. Being a host himself, lets her exit the park. Inside her purse there are five marbles containing the downloaded consciousness of hosts, who will help her begin the revolution. One of those hosts is Bernard.
Somewhere Far In The Future
  • The Man in Black discovers Delos has ceased to exist as he knows it.
  • He is now a host, and a Host Emily is testing him for fidelity.