Jarlsberg Cheese’s “Cheese By Numbers” Giveaway For Easter Is The Perfect Brunch Spread

Courtesy of Jarlsberg

Valentine's Day might be over, but Jarlsberg cheese is keeping the self love vibes going, thanks to free cheese giveaways all year long. If the company's drool-worthy V-Day cheese board featuring chocolate covered strawberries, fresh bread, and all the cheese your heart could desire was any indication, your tastebuds are going to lose it over their upcoming Easter giveaway, which is a savory and very cheesy take on brunch. Here’s how to win a free brunch spread with Jarlsberg cheese's Easter giveaway, because there's nothing like the gift of cheese to brighten your mornings.

In my opinion, the only thing better than cheese is free cheese, and Jarlsberg is continuing to up the ante with their "Cheese by Numbers" selection for Easter. According to a press release shared on Tuesday, Feb. 19, the company has basically come up with a year-long giveaway that's the stuff of cheese lovers' dreams. After kicking things off with a Valentine's Day cheese board on Feb. 14, Jarlsberg is continuing to offer one-of-a-kind cheese platters that you can win during various holidays during the year. Crafted in conjunction with Marissa Mullen, who's the founder of "That Cheese Plate," each platter features a unique theme and comes with an illustrated "cheese by numbers" guide that helps you put together a Pinterest-worthy cheese board. It's a pretty foolproof way to get the cheese board of your dreams, and something tells me that you'll definitely want to say "cheese" and 'gram your photogenic creation before digging in.


So, just how fancy are we talking about here? For starters, I was pretty blown away by the company's Valentine's Day package, which was basically a dreamy cheese spread with a side of romance. In addition to a BOSKA Holland cheeseboard and mini cheese planer, you could enter to win a selection of chocolate-covered strawberries, fresh figs and berries, salamis, fresh bread, fig preserves, and red roses to make it all come together. The icing on the cake was the big chunk of Jarlsberg, which I personally would have melted to make a gooey cheese fondue that you could spread and dip to your heart's desire. According to Jarlsberg's website, this bad boy included $200 worth of goodies, which one lucky recipient was able to win without spending a dime.

I mean, just look at this beauty. It's almost too pretty to eat, the key word being "almost."

Now that you're sufficiently hungry, here's what you can look forward to in the months ahead. According to the press release, you can enter to win free cheese and a host of delicious fixings with the Brunch Vibes Only Plate on Easter, the Slay All Day Plate on Mother's Day, the Happy Birthday Plate on Norway Day (which falls on Friday, May 17), the Friendsgiving Plate on Thanksgiving, and the Signature Plate during the winter holidays. That's five more chances to win free cheese, which you can do by either completing an entry form with your name and email or by tagging two people in a comment on the official giveaway post when they share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Per a Facebook post, the giveaway for the Easter Brunch Vibes Only plate will open in April, meaning you have a few months to mentally prepare yourself for all the deliciousness you could be consuming come Sunday, April 21. It sounds like you're basically getting the brunch spread of your dreams, as this baby apparently includes Jarlsberg, nova lox, capers, mini bagels, cherry tomatoes, and a dill and yellow flower garnish, according to the press release.

Courtesy of Jarlsberg

Unfortunately, that means you still have a few months until you can potentially bless your tastebuds with all the free cheese, but I think it's safe to say that the countdown to spring is about to get a lot more mouthwatering.