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Here's How To Show Love Without Saying "I Love You"


For many people saying, "I love you" is easy. To be honest, I'm one of those people. I tell everyone I love them. Sometimes I don't even mean to say it and it slips right out of my mouth. Just the other day, I accidentally told a customer service person at Bank of America I loved her before I hung up the phone. For people like me, it's showing people we love them that really speaks volumes. But figuring out how to show someone you love them through your actions alone can be tricky.

If you're looking for new and innovative ways to show your partner how much you love them, you've come to the right place. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared how their partners show them they love them without actually saying the words. Their stories and strategies are beautiful — I actually teared up a little while reading them. What I love about the examples these women chose is that they aren't all necessarily these big, huge grand gestures. Even something as small as plugging your partner's phone in the charger for them or buying the milk they like when you go to the store can signify love. And that's a beautiful thing.


He Gives Her A Minute-Long Hug Every Morning
My husband isn’t the most physically affectionate person. But I tend to be the first to wake up in the mornings, and every morning without fail, he wordlessly comes into the bathroom where I’m getting ready and gives me this amazing minute-long hug. Before we talk, before anything else. It’s become a habit that I don’t even think he realizes. And I absolutely love it.


He Grabs Things From The Store When She's Running Low
He notices when I'm running low on things (dog food, dish soap etc) and gets them for me. Another small thing that's similar would be he leaves a bunch of quarters in my change bowl that I use for the laundry mat when ever he comes to visit. They probably sound trivial but it means he's thinking of my day to day life even when he's not here


He Would Bike In The Middle Of The Night To Come Cuddle Her To Sleep
I had trouble falling asleep for a while, last year. It was a very stressful period, my anxiety was very bad and I was having terrible nightmares, to the point that I kept staying awake at night because I was too afraid of falling asleep. Some nights I couldn't stand it anymore, and I would call my bf in the middle of the night crying that I was so tired but couldn't sleep. And without a doubt he would hop on his bike, ride 3 km and come to me and cuddle me to sleep.
I love him so much.


He Walks Her Home From Work Every Night
I walk home from work, but I work the evening shift so it means walking at night in the city. He waits for me outside my building every shift to walk me home- sometimes in rain or snow- even though he gets up early for work the next day. He’s told me it’s his favorite part of the day.


He Makes Her Feel Supported In Social Situations
I have severe social anxiety. When we're hanging out with friends if someone asks me something and I'm having trouble being verbal he'll answer for me to take the pressure off, then let me elaborate. Also if I say something and I'm too quiet, he'll make space in the conversation for me to speak up.
It probably sounds insignificant to someone who doesn't struggle with my type of anxiety, but when he does those things it makes me feel valued, and like I'm part of the group instead of just an outside observer.


They Have A Cute Kissing Ritual
We have “sale” kisses. When one of us is sitting down and the other person comes up behind them, they lean over and give a bunch of little kisses on the side of the check. The kisses are on “sale” so you have to get lots of them really fast. Sometimes the receiver will pull away and tell the other person they can’t just decide there is a sale anytime they want, and act all haughty (jokingly). Other times we announce “fire sale, everything must go!” And the giver has to give even more kisses. It makes absolutely no sense and it’s supper goofy but we laugh about it


He Warms Up Her Cold Fingers And Toes Before Bed
He lets me stick my icicle feet and hands on him to warm them up at bedtime.


He Watches A Show He Hates Just To Cheer Her Up
If I am having a particularly terrible day, he will ask, "Do you want to watch Say Yes to the Dress?" and binge watch it with me for hours even though he loathes that show.
He also sat through a week of the Pride and Prejudice mini-series (working through it an hour at a time) when I was having a terrible week. I thought he might die, but he made it all the way through. I really appreciated hanging out with him and him watching something I loved with me even though he hated it.


They Buy Each Other's Milk Of Choice
I would always buy 2% milk. He bought 1% milk. Always. When I moved in, he would get 2% to accommodate me and I switched to buying 1% to accommodate him.
Turns out neither of us gave a sh*t what milk we drank, we just did it out of habit. But that tiny gesture— the smallest indication that we each cared enough to change a habit— made all the difference in the world.
I barely even like milk. It goes in coffee.


He Scrapes The Ice Off Her Windshield When It's Cold
On cold mornings he scrapes the ice off my windshield when he leaves for work...then I see it 10 minutes later when I'm taking the kids to school and it always makes me feel treasured.


He Buys Her Flowers Just Because
He buys me flowers just because he knows it makes me happy. He looks after me when I’m ill. He rubs my feet if they hurt from wearing heels.


He Updated His Kitchenware Just So She Could Enjoy Her Hot Drinks
My bf doesnt like coffee and doesnt drink any hot beverages, and so had no mugs or a tea kettle. I, however, love coffee and tea. He now has 5 coffee mugs, a french press, a keeper cup that gets discounts at the local coffee store, coffee grounds, and is getting a kettle soon. He doesnt use any of it, but he got it all for me to be comfortable at his place.


He Has A Special Look Reserved Only For Her
My husband and I just bought our first house. We brought some champagne over to celebrate and I recorded a video of him popping the cork. In the video, right after it pops he turns and looks at me and has this soft dreamy eyed smile on his face. It’s the same look he gives me when we are being lovey dovey. I realized I’ve never seen him with that look on his face any time other than when he’s looking at me. It’s just a flash before he looks at our son and celebrates with him but I’ve watched the video over and over again just to catch that glimpse in his eyes. He looks so happy and in love.


He Helps Her Out When She's Feeling Overwhelmed
He will take over tasks when he sees I'm overwelmed without me asking. He picks up on me being overwelmed before I even notice.


He Gives Her Forehead Kisses
Forehead kisses, at any time I can lean forward and he will automatically plant one on my forehead. Even when we are falling asleep all cuddled up he will kiss me right there just as he’s falling asleep. Sometimes I swear he even does it in his sleep and it’s just sweet and nice.'


He Gives Her All Of The Unbroken Chips
If we are eating chips and he picks out an unbroken round chip, he will ALWAYS pass it to me, sometimes just gently placing it on my leg, even making a little pile of "perfect" chips for me to enjoy. Won't say anything, unless remarking on how nice a particular chip is before placing it on my leg/chip pile. I love him.


He Helps Her Fall Asleep When Her Mind Won't Rest
When I need to get to sleep, and my mind won't calm down, he strokes my hair and temple. I fall asleep like a baby.


He Charges Her Phone For Her Every Night
Plugging in my phone every night when he comes to bed and I haven’t plugged it in. Holding my hand when we’re driving. I love those gestures


When They Share Food, He Always Saves The Last Bite For Her
He always lets me have the last bite of food that we share 🥰


He Gives Her A Back Scratch Every Night When She Gets Home
He undoes my bra and scratches my back when I get home from work. It is the most amazing thing in the world and I feel so loved every time.