You Will Soon Be Able To Return Amazon Orders At ALL Kohl's Locations, So Get Hype

I pretty much order everything I possibly can on Amazon, however, I'm always worried I won't like what I bought. Returning items you bought online can be a major hassle, between buying the box and printing the shipping label. To combat this issue, Kohl's announced that it is going to start accepting Amazon returns on a wide variety of items at all stores nationwide. So, if you want to give back an item you regret buying, here's how to return Amazon orders with Kohl's Dropoff, because the new option is seriously expanding.

On Tuesday, April 23, popular American department store chain Kohl's made an incredibly momentous announcement for Amazon customers. According to an official press release, starting in July 2019, it will accept "eligible Amazon items without a box or label" for a totally free return at each and every one of Kohl's 1,150 locations in 48 states. The program was initially introduced back in 2017 in markets throughout Los Angeles, Chicago, and Milwaukee. But, the program is officially spreading to any and all Kohl's stores across the country. So if you happen to have a Kohl's department store in your neighborhood, you're in luck.


With this big news, you might want a refresher on how you can take advantage of it. According to the Kohl's website, first go to the Amazon Online Return Center to start a return for an order. Then, you select a Kohl's Dropoff location (which will include all stores in July); bring the email from Amazon containing a QR return code to your chosen Kohl's store with your order (you can do it on your smartphone); and finally, Kohl's will pack up, label, and ship your item for free. Seriously, it's that easy.

In the press release, the department store's chief executive officer, Michelle Gass, expressed pure excitement, explaining how much this will improve the customer satisfaction.

According to the press release, Gass said:

We are thrilled to bring Amazon Returns at Kohl’s to all of our stores across the country. Amazon and Kohl’s have a shared passion in providing outstanding customer service, and this unique partnership combines Kohl’s strong nationwide store footprint and omnichannel capabilities with Amazon’s reach and customer loyalty. This new service is another example of how Kohl’s is delivering innovation to drive traffic to our stores and bring more relevance to our customers.

Whether you're totally updated on Kohl's and Amazon's partnership (or if you simply enjoy a good old-fashioned Kohl's outing), you're probably aware of the fact that Kohl’s is now also selling Amazon products. Yes, you heard that correctly — last month, according to the press release, the chain announced it was expanding the product relationship by carrying a variety of Amazon products in more than 200 stores. Bottom line: Kohl's is seriously upping its game, and I definitely need to shop there more.

Now that you can shop on Amazon knowing you can make returns in-person at all Kohl's stores across the country, definitely make a point to check out these 48 life-changing Amazon products. Between beauty products like Dermablend Loose Setting Powder, and home products like Top Clean Net Dishwashing Cloths, there are a ton of cool things to choose from. And remember: if you don't like them, you can just bring 'em back to Kohl's to get your money back.

Returning online items is now easier than ever — if you don't like what you purchased, you can simply drop off what you don't want at your nearest Kohl's department store for a full refund. IDK about you, but for that, I am eternally grateful.