The personalized workout playlists on Spotify are curated for your individual routines and preferenc...

Spotify's New Personalized Workout Playlists Are Tailored To Your Sweat Sessions

Courtesy of Spotify

Get ready to say goodbye to playlist fatigue during your next sweat session. On Wednesday, July 8, Spotify released a new way to customize your workout experience with tailored tracks curated to your unique routines and exercise environment. If you're ready to kick off your summer fitness goals with the perfect jams, here's how to make a personalized workout playlist on Spotify.

While Spotify has no shortage of user-customized playlists on its platform, the new "Soundtrack Your Workout" feature aims to find the perfect playlist to complement everything from your next yoga session to kickboxing round. Bringing in an expert, the company partnered with Corey Calliet, a celebrity trainer, to get the soundtracks just right and make sure the tempo stays up for your workout. The update works by asking you a few questions about your workout and then putting together a unique playlist just for you based on your answers. Each time you take the quiz, Spotify will put together a new setlist, meaning you can look forward to pushing through your workout with fresh beats every time.

To get started, you'll head to the Soundtrack Your Workout quiz on Spotify's website. From there, you'll be asked to provide some details about your upcoming workout, including:

  • Length and intensity: ranges from 15 minutes to 2-plus hours
  • Type of exercise: yoga, running, biking, cardio, dance, lifting, walking/meditation, or barre/pilates
  • Who you're working out with: just you, with a partner in person, with a friend virtually, with your kids, with your pet, or other
  • Workout mood: totally zen, get movin’, ready to dance, pumped up, need motivation, or other
  • Podcast preference: choose whether or not you'd like to include podcast episodes
  • Music preferences: rock, hip hop, country, pop, indie, k-pop, Latin, and metal. You can also choose whether or not you want to include songs with explicit lyrics.
Courtesy of Spotify

Once you've answered all the questions, Spotify will use your responses as well as your listening tastes to sculpt the perfect playlist for your next sweat session that'll be timed to the duration of your workout. You can even name your soundtrack and give it a cover photo. Finally, all you have to do is hit "play," and get going. If you're not completely satisfied with your playlist or you just want something new, you can retake the quiz at any time and Spotify will curate a brand new playlist for you.

This cool new feature is available for both registered free Spotify users and Premium users, so if you're not registered, you'll need to sign up for free and create an account before you take the quiz and start jamming away.

If you're looking for even more pre-made playlists to inspire you, you can check out Spotify's suggestions for other playlists you might enjoy right below your quiz results or simply type in "Workout" into the search bar to browse through some of the most popular edits that the company has put together.