Here's How You Can Help Paris After The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

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On Monday, April 15, the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, caught fire, leading to devastating damage. The fire eventually grew and resulted in the cathedral's iconic top spire to collapse and fall off the building. No one expected this tragedy to hit one of Paris' most beloved sights, so here's how to help Notre Dame in Paris. It doesn't matter where you're located — a little help goes a long way.

Notre Dame was engulfed in flames that spread across its entire structure for hours after the spark lit. Firefighters in Paris are attempting to contain the fire at the time of publication, asking residents to avoid the area at all costs. The Notre Dame Cathedral is located in the Île de la Cité and was built in the 13th century, representing one of the most incredibly historic buildings in Paris, France ,and attracting tourists from all over the world. The building has been under construction, and CNN reports that authorities are still unsure of how the fire was started.

This fire is not only devastating to Paris residents, but is a huge hit to one of the city's most beloved sights and historic buildings. So, even if you're not located in Paris, there are still a few ways you can help this church get back on its feet and show your love for its history.

Raise Money
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Built in the 13th century, Notre Dame is one of Paris' oldest religious buildings. However, centuries of snow and rain weakened the building's infrastructure, and this fire has devastated the church even more. So, consider making a donation to the Notre Dame Cathedral by purchasing a candle on their website.

As this fire engulfs the cathedral, raising money has never been so important. Even if it's just a small donation, any dollar (or euro) will help.

Share A Photo
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There's a strong chance that the Notre Dame building will never be the same after this blaze. For those of you who were lucky enough to see this historic sight for yourself before the fire, share a photo you've taken of the cathedral to Wikimedia Commons as a way to preserve the Notre Dame's incredible legacy. Wikimedia Commons is a media platform that helps power Wikipedia, and it's extremely simple to contribute to.

First, create an account on Wikimedia Commons website and upload a photo that falls in the platform's guidelines (it has to be your own personal photo). Then, take a few moments to describe the photo you've submitted, click next, and you're finished.

Notre Dame is one of the most historic buildings in the world and deserves to be celebrated, so take a few moments to share its incredible history.

Donate Clothes And Supplies
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Even though no injuries or casualties have been reported yet, there's still no harm in donating items in a time of need. For those who are located in Paris, head over to one of the many French Red Cross centers in Paris to donate any items that might help those impacted by this fire, such as clothes, cleaning supplies, and water. For those who aren't located in France, unfortunately Red Cross does not accept overseas donations. However, if you have any friends or relatives living close, you can always encourage them to donate.

Even if it may seem like this fire, and the future of the Notre Dame, is out of our hands, there are still ways to show your appreciation for the cathedral with small acts of kindness.