15 Women Share Their Best Remedies For A Broken Heart & They're So Helpful

by Candice Jalili

Experiencing your first real, truly devastating breakup can be a daunting task. Who knew it was possible to be this incredibly sad? Will it ever get any better? How will you ever be able to live your life without this other person in it? How are you ever supposed to overcome this immense pain? There's no one easy recipe for how to heal a broken heart but, fortunately for us, heartbreak is something that's been around for a very long time. You're not the first person to have your heart broken, nor will you be the last.

As a result of this immense history behind heartbreak, plenty of women have survived it, moved on, and gained wisdom in the process. Luckily, a few of those women shared their best tips for overcoming a broken heart in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread and I've got their life-changing pearls of wisdom here for you. Read along and get ready to heal.

Time Heals All Wounds


Surround Yourself With Loved Ones
Personally: laughing with friends, taking a walk in nature, an exhausting run so that I dont have energy for wondering thoughts at night, writing letters and reflecting, planning my future and making to do lists, and of course crying and confiding in the people I trust and love and hearing them say things like “you can do better, you deserve someone who appreciates you, you were too hot for them anyways” Lololol


Read 'Harry Potter'
Reading the Harry Potter series. Worked for me


Write A Letter To Your Ex And Don't Send It
Write letters you'll never send, read books about coping with grief, sleep in on the weekends, use the extra soft blankets for your bed, be sad, be angry, be sad again, be angry again, be all those things until they lose their "oomph."


Get Some Space From Your Ex
Staying away from your ex even if you do want to be friends at some point.


Try To Break A Sweat
Exercise - for me it was running. Gave me something to fill my suddenly empty schedule and distracted me from thinking about the break up


She's Got A Killer Combination That'll Cure Any Heartbreak
Time, a good set of books, your favorite tv series, good group of friends, a killer workout, and a bottle or two of wine did the trick for me. Took me about a month to finally move on, and a couple of years to truly get over the person.


Set All Your Tears Free
Just cry as much as you can, eat all you want, watch all cheesy movies you know and just let it all out. You will feel better soon, belive me.


Find Time To Help Others
Help someone else.


Focus On A Combination Of Good Relationships And Time
As my psychiatrist told me, eyes red as hell in his office months after my first bad BAD heartbreak, “I can’t give you a pill for your heartache. What will help is time and good relationships”
He also put me on antidepressants as I literally couldn’t get out of bed and had begun to harm myself. They weren’t “happy pills” so much as they helped to assist me in getting through my day.
Reconnect with friends, get into the work you do, take yourself on dates, allow yourself to fall apart every so often but get back up afterwards.


Shift The Focus Onto Yourself
Focus and think about the aspects of yourself you love, instead of theirs.


Get A Hobby
Throw yourself into a new hobby or take a class. Anything to take your mind off of it.


Sometimes A Rebound Isn't The Worst Thing
As they say to get over someone get UNDER someone ;). Seriously though for me it helped in the sense that it made me realise there were other options out there.


Remember Everything Happens For A Reason
Understanding that everything happens for a reason and you’ll come out of it better and stronger. Every lesson in life is a success, and heartbreak teaches you a lot about yourself what to look forward to in the future :)
Some say that “things get worse before they get better” and it’s the same with heartbreak.
The world still turns and it just means this will make for a great story down the line. You’re growing as a person and you’ll know for sure once you’ve overcome this hurdle. You got this, friend! :)


Watch A Good Comedy Show
A good comedy series. I binged watched Parks & Rec to get over my first breakup. It definitely helped.


Are you already feeling better? Because I know I am!

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