This Rosé Membership Features 30 Bottles Of Wine Shipped To You All Summer Long

Courtesy of Winc

There's just something about bubbly pink wine that makes me feel like summer is in session, and you can bet I'm planning to stock up on the ultimate warm weather drank before May hits. Enter Winc, which is making it so much easier for you to rosé all day when patio season arrives without having to worry about heading to the liquor store and cutting your pool day short, thanks to the rosé membership that delivers your summer sips straight to your door. Here's how to get Winc's Summer Water Societé membership so that you can start seeing your summer with rose-tinted glasses, hassle-free.

Starting on Monday, April 15, Winc is pushing back on the "winter is coming" slogan we've been hearing and instead signaling the start of everyone's favorite season with the return of their popular Summer Water Societé membership. If you haven't heard about this membership yet, it's basically the membership to get if you're all about spending the season hydrating yourself with pink wine, aka "summer water."

The first rule of the Summer Water Societé is to never run out of summer water, and TBH, I can totally get on board with that.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from your shipment, the press materials read:

Summer Water is more than the rosé of the season — it’s a state of mind, every drop full of pink-tinted possibility.

It's no surprise that last year's installment reportedly garnered a wait list of over a thousand people, and Winc has upped the ante this year with not three, but four "strategically-timed" shipments of wine to your home.

Courtesy of Winc

During the course of the summer (May through August), you'll receive 30 bottles of Winc's 2018 vintage Summer Water Rosé, which was created by a licensed winery and features a blend of Central Cost Grenache and Syrah blend for the refreshing and crisp flavors you love.

Per press materials, "Winc uses the direct press method to retain the delicate fruit aromas and pale color that rosé is known for. The 2018 vintage is lean and refreshing, with notes of grapefruit, peach, and watermelon. It’s not only delicious, but vegan and eco-friendly as well."

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how photogenic these bottles are?

Courtesy of Winc

When you sign up, you'll receive four of these gorgeous 750-milliliter limited-edition bottles filled with pink wine as well as 24 mini-Droplets (187 milliliters) and two exclusive 1.5-liter magnums (which is basically the equivalent of four regular-sized bottles of wine). I did the math, and that is basically enough pink wine to fill 12 regular wine bottles. In addition, customers will get a "mystery" Summer Water shipment this year for the very first time.

Courtesy of Winc

In addition to all the 'Gram-worthy vino that you could want, members will also receive curated limited-edition items that are all about helping you rosé all day in style. Considering the amount of swag you're getting, the free Summer Water Shipment, and the fact that you're not paying for any shipping to get your rosé delivered to your home, it's actually a pretty good deal that you'll be paying about $30 for each 750 milliliters of wine. The Summer Water Societé membership is $356 for the total four months, or $89 per month. According to the website, you can get 10 percent off when you pre-pay in full, so I'd definitely recommend doing that if you want to score some savings on your summer wine fix.

Per press materials, enrollment for these Summer Water packages will be open through May 15 or while supplies last (there was a waitlist of over a thousand people last year!), so I'd definitely check out the membership sooner rather than later to make sure you're living your best rosé-filled life once May comes around.