Apple Released A New Pride Watch Face With Rainbow Stripes

Courtesy of Apple

Apple is ringing in Pride month by giving users the chance to wear their support for the LGBT community on their wrists. While the Pride celebration in June may look a little bit different this year with the cancellation of many annual events and parades due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tech giant announced it's rolling out two new festive watch faces that anyone with an Apple Watch can access. Here's how to get the Pride 2020 Apple Watch face and give your device a rainbow-hued makeover.

While Apple has been rolling out annual Pride watch bands since 2017, this is the first year the company has teamed up with Nike to come up with a second design. On May 18, the company announced that in addition to a simple rainbow-striped watch face design featuring the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, Apple is releasing a Nike edition featuring a black background with the watch hands and the Nike insignia in white. The numbers on the clock are illustrated by rainbow-colored dots. Any Apple Watch user can access either of these designs for free by taking a few easy steps.

To get started, you'll first need to make sure the software on your Apple Watch is up to date and you've downloaded watchOS 6.2.5 on your device. From there, you can either change your background on your watch or on your phone. The easiest way to access the different designs is by going to Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app and scrolling down until you see the Pride collection. There, you'll see the designs from past years as well as this year's two new watch faces.

Courtesy of Apple

You can also access the designs on your watch by swiping across your existing watch face to view the different designs in your collection. To get started, press the watch face and then swipe through until you see the design you want. Tap it, and it will become the new design on your watch.

Apple Watch users looking for another way to show their Pride can also purchase one of two new rainbow-hued bands, which include a minimalistic Nike sports band with subtle colorful holes in the white material. There's also a sports band from Apple that features a rainbow-striped design. Both of these watch bands are retailing for $49, making them a stylish and colorful accompaniment to your watch face of choice.