Postmates Is Giving Away Free Tacos Until March 10 With This Tasty Promo


Every week, I find myself looking forward to Taco Tuesday as a tasty way to get through the mid-week hump. Nothing cheers me up after a long day quite like the mouthwatering combination of a warm tortilla, seasoned beef, and crunchy veggies, which is why I immediately decided to cancel all dinner plans this week after finding out that Postmates is teaming up with Jack in the Box to give away 100,000 tacos until March 10. Here's how to get free tacos from Postmates so that you can make every day this week as delicious as Taco Tuesday.

On Monday, March 4, Postmates first shared the news that it was staging a serious taco takeover because people aren't "exactly comfortable with tacos being celebrated only once a week."

Luckily, the delivery service is remedying that fact this week thanks tos the celebratory spirit of Mardi Gras, meaning that customers who order from Jack in the Box on the Postmates app will get two tacos on the house. Hungry Postmates users only have until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 10 to get into the festive spirit with their Jack in the Box order, but considering that only 100,000 free tacos are up for grabs, I'd recommend acting quickly so that you can make sure you get in on this tasty promo.

If you haven't had the tacos from Jack in the Box, be prepare for two crunchy tacos that come filled with shredded American cheese, lettuce, and a tangy taco sauce. Normally retailing at $1.97, these babies promise to be the perfect accompaniment to your Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger or your 10-piece order of Chicken Nuggets.

In addition to the fact that you won't have to spend a dime on satisfying your taco fix any day this week, Postmates is sweetening the deal with one incredible perk: Free delivery. Anyone who regularly orders in takeout knows that delivery fees can quickly add up, so I was pretty stoked when I saw that customers who spend at least $10 on their Jack in the Box orders will get their food and the complimentary tacos delivered completely free of charge. All you have to do is enter the promo code "tacojack" at checkout, and you'll see that the app waives all delivery fees on your order. Considering that most burger and curly fry combos on the menu clock in just above $10, I have a feeling that you'll have no problem getting a Jack in the Box feast delivered to your door for less than you'd pay at your closest drive thru.

Before making moves on your free taco game plan, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, I'd check to make sure that you have a Jack in the Box delivering near you, as availability will depend on your location. Once you've determined that you're eligible, I'd start planning when you want to take advantage of this delivery deal. Per the fine print, each customer can only use the free taco and delivery promo once, and I mentioned earlier, I'd also try to take advantage of this deal sooner rather than later.

While 100,000 tacos sounds like a lot at first, keep in mind that that's technically only 50,000 customers around the country who will be able to take advantage of two free tacos with their order before the promo ends on Sunday, March 10. Postmates even warns in their blog post, "Since we’ve delivered almost a million of them over the years, we know they are going to go fast."

Whether you decide to ring in Taco Tuesday on March 5 with these goodies or want to bring some free taco love into your life on another day, it sounds like Postmates has definitely got you covered on the taco front this week. Happy munching!