Your Favorite Donuts Are The Stars Of Dunkin's Valentine's Day Cards

Very few things say "happy Valentine's Day" quite like an ode to your favorite coffee chain (aka Dunkin'). And luckily, the New England-based chain has just released actual downloadable Valentines that you can send to your partner, best friend, or even to your dog (yes, Beckett, I'm looking at you). Anyway, Dunkin' has even coined a sweet term for them: Dunkintines. TBH, they're the sweetest display of affection a gal like me could even dream of. So, if you're looking to get a few for yourself, here's how to get Dunkin's Dunkintines.

Just in time for the single most romantic month of the year, Dunkin’ has released a lineup of special edition Dunkintine cards, perfect for showing your boo just how much you care. And luckily, getting a few for yourself is simple and free. To get your own Dunkintines, all you have to do is digitally download Dunkintines from Dunkin's website, according to a Feb. 6 blog post announcing the cards. From there, you can either email them to your desired recipients or print them at home to give them out in person. Seriously, it's that easy, and before you get to sending a donut-themed Valentine to your fave Dunkin' Run pals, take a look at a few of my favorites, below. You definitely won't be disappointed by how artistic they are — and most importantly — by their serious pun game (because that's what I, personally, usually tend to look for in a Valentine).

Obviously, I'm always down for an invite to eat some doughnuts...


... And, of course, a Beyoncé reference will never fail to charm me.


However, any sweet tooth knows that sprinkles are everything.


And if you don't think coffee and doughnuts are the greatest combination known to man and woman-kind, I truly don't know if we can be friends. Or lovers, for that matter.


On the morning of Friday, Feb. 8, hopefully you made your way to Dunkin', because participating locations were legitimately giving away full sheets of custom Dunkintines cards to the the first 100 customers to pick up a dozen donuts, according to a press release. If you're headed to Dunkin' on Feb. 8, I would recommend grabbing a dozen donuts anyway, because even if they're out of the sheets of Dunkintines, you'll stay have your fave donuts to enjoy. Personally, I totally missed out on that glorious giveaway, so it goes without saying that the digital versions are a literal godsend. I couldn't be more grateful, TBH.

If you're trying to tie the knot in Vegas this month, you should probably consider stopping by Sure Thing, a Wedding Chapel by Flora Pop, according to the blog post. On Saturday, Feb. 9 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Dunkin' will actually be taking over the chapel to give the first 100 couples a totally unique Dunkin' donut bouquet to celebrate. Forget wedding registries y'all — donut bouquets are truly where it's at nowadays. Take a look at the clip below to preview what you'll be getting if you decide to go through with it.

Dunkin' is bringing V-Day to the next level this month, between their free digital Dunkintines (LOL), and — of course — the free donut bouquets with every Sure Thing wedding this Saturday. In my personal opinion, there are very few gestures out there that I'd consider to be more romantic than a donut (or five), so definitely consider slipping your boo a Dunkintine this year. I know I will.