Natty Light Is Looking For A Summer Intern That's "Natty-Qualified," So Grab A Beer

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Trying to find the perfect summer internship is always stressful. Not only are most of 'em unpaid (sigh), but they typically require shining resumes, perfect grades, and impressive recommendations. If #corporatelife isn't your thing, though, you might want to check out Natty Light's summer internship opening. Yes, Natty Light is hiring a paid intern, and the chosen candidate must be "Natty-qualified." If that's you, then you might be wondering how to apply for Natty Light's 2019 summer internship. The process is simple, so grab your resume and "just be cool."

I say "just be cool" because that's literally a qualification listed on the company's internship application page. If you want to apply to be Natty Light's summer intern, you also have to be confident, a self-starter, and "able to spell protractor" (LOL). Furthermore, it's a plus if you have social media experience, an outgoing personality, and an eye for detail. In all, the company is looking for a "high quality human being," so just be yourself.

If your resume matches up with the company's required qualifications, go ahead and apply for the internship. In order to do so, head to Natty Light's Indeed page and hit "Apply Now." It's that easy, guys.

Now that you know how to apply, you're probably wondering what the internship entails. (You want to know what you're getting yourself into, right?) Not only did Natty Light list details about the position on its Indeed page, but it also released a real-AF YouTube video about the role. In the video, Leon Solimani (Natty Light's Brand Manager) talks to candidates about the internship position, listing requirements and expectations. TBH, it sounds like a pretty awesome gig (especially if you're passionate about Natty Light).

According to the video, the chosen Natty Light summer intern will do things like create Natty Light swag, attend fun events, work on Natty Light's social channels, focus on marketing, partake in product research, and more. What's "product research," you ask? According to Natty Light, it is "what you think it is" (hint, hint), so grab a Naturday and use your imagination. With that being said, applicants must be at least 21 years old to apply to the position.

Check out Natty Light's internship video to decide if the spot is right for you. And remember, this internship isn't like the others. Solimani talked about the opportunity in a press release, saying,

Look, I am sick and tired of high-quality human beings being overlooked because they’re not on the (air quotations) ‘Dean’s list.' Do we like awesome grades? Sure. But on top of that we want an ambitious, scrappy trailblazer. We’re running Natty Light, not your uncle’s accounting firm.

If you're hoping to apply, get your resume together ASAP. According to Natty Light, applicants will have until May 19 to submit their info. Then, the chosen candidate will work from June 10 to Aug. 2 in the company's New York City headquarters, per Natty Light.

If you score the internship, brush up on everything Natty Light, starting with the company's release of Naturdays. The strawberry lemonade-flavored beer was announced in February 2019, and it's the perfect drink to "cheers" with if you land the internship. Good luck!

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