You Can Get Paid $10,000 To Hang Out At Instagram-Worthy Pools All Summer

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a large percentage of millennials out there dream of getting paid to travel. And while most on-the-go jobs involve some sort of office, will literally pay someone to "pool hop" on a daily basis. That's right, my wanderlustin' friends — you would be completing any and all daily duties in the comfort of a pool float. So, if you're looking for the ideal summer gig, here's how to apply for's Poohop job. Between you and me, I'm filling out an application as we speak.

Popular hospitality booking site is hiring its first (and only) "Poolhop" (yes, like "bellhop" but for pools) to travel across the U.S. to test pools, soak up the sun, sip fruity drinks, and — most importantly — snap photos for the site's Instagram account. According to the press release, the official Poolhop will be compensated with a $10,000 stipend, travel, and lodging at the following hotels:

The lucky AF candidate who is ultimately selected, per the release, will also receive a full year of Gold Rewards member status on, which grants you cool things like VIP hotel access, and the ability to collect points which go towards additional stays. Plus, all of the candidates' photos will be featured on the Instagram. You would be, like, a pretty big deal, if you catch my drift.

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"So, how do you even get this job?" you're probably asking. Well, starting on June 18, according to the press release, aspiring travelers can apply through the website. They will be required to enter their personal information, including their name, email, and Instagram handle. The applicant will also write 100 words pertaining to what makes them the ideal Poolhop candidate, and 100 words reviewing their favorite hotel pool. You'll have until June 25 to fill out your application, and keep in mind that you will be traveling for a total of two weeks in August 2019. You must also be 21 years or older and a resident of the United States to apply.

In the press release, Katie Junod,'s General Manager, said this is a brilliant opportunity for aspiring travelers and for those who want to pursue hospitality for their career.

Junod shared:

No one wants to be sitting at a desk all summer. There are so many incredible hotel pools to explore across the country and we want to give travelers a first-hand look at the crème de la crème. And who better to live the hotel life than our very own Poolhop?

IDK about you, but the's Poolhop job is literally my summer goal. There is seriously nothing better than getting the chance to make money while jumping in 'Gram-worthy pools and staying in high end hotels. Until I get my acceptance letter, I'll be preparing my base tan.