Hailee Steinfeld filming 'Hawkeye' On Disney+

Hailee Steinfeld Confirmed Her 'Hawkeye' Role In A Killer Instagram

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Most of the excitement about the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shifted from the big screen films to the shows on Disney+. But both series that are coming soonest to the streamer — WandaVision and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier — are currently billed as limited series. That leaves fans wondering, if there are no second seasons planned, what comes next? Thankfully, the MCU has an entire swath of shows scheduled starting in January 2021, including Loki, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, and What If...? Of these, Hawkeye on Disney+ has fans' attention as filming gets underway, with info on the cast and plot slowly trickling out.

Hawkeye was part of the original MCU titles rolled out for Phase 4 at San Diego Comic-Con back in 2019. Alongside The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki, it's part of the group of series featuring the MCU's big-screen characters who never got standalone films. Unlike these other shows, the existence of Hawkeye suggested fans would finally see an original Avenger voluntarily turn over the mantle of their persona to a new actor. Such things are common in comic books but have not yet taken place on either the big or small screen. (Black Widow is expected to pass on the mantle from Scarlett Johansson's character to a new actor — possibly Florence Pugh — but via death, not voluntary retirement.)

So, which Hawkeye does the show's title refer to? Here's everything known so far about the series.

'Hawkeye' Teaser

Hawkeye has only just begun filming at the time of this writing, so there's no teaser yet. However, before the pandemic, when Marvel expected to start filming in early 2020, Disney+ released an early version of the official title sequence. It's not much to go on, but it does give a taste of where the show is heading.

'Hawkeye' Cast

Marvel has kept much of Hawkeye's details under wraps so far, including most of the cast. Before filming, the only actor who was confirmed to star was Jeremy Renner, who played Clint Black, the original Hawkeye from the Avengers films. He revealed at SDCC 2019 that his character would co-star with character Kate Bishop.

It took until after filming began, but Marvel finally confirmed Hailee Steinfeld would play Bishop. In response to the announcement, Steinfeld posted the first official image of herself as Bishop on Instagram.

Along with Steinfeld's casting, Marvel also confirmed actors Fra Fee, Vera Farmiga, and newcomer Alaqua Cox would be part of the cast. Farmiga plays Eleanor Bishop, Fee is Kazi, and Cox is Maya Lopez, aka Echo. They had first been reported as part of the series as part of reports on Dec. 3.

It should be noted that, according to those same reports via Variety, Renner and Steinfeld would share the screen with Florence Pugh, Tony Dalton, and Zahn McClarnon. The outlet reports Pugh will reprise her MCU role as Yelena Belova (who will appear in the much-delayed Black Widow film). But none of this was confirmed by Marvel as of yet.

Disney+ declined Elite Daily's request to comment on these casting reports, but fans are already thrilled about the news.

'Hawkeye' Plot

With Marvel and Disney+ not even having confirmed most of the show's casting, it's not surprising there are no plot details to be had. That being said, Kate Bishop's story is out of the Hawkeye comics, so fans assume the show will follow the broad outlines of Matt Fraction and David Aja's series. In it, Barton finds himself taking Bishop under his wing, training her to be the next Hawkeye.

'Hawkeye' Theories

With little known about the show, theories of what could happen in Hawkeye are rampant. With the Barton family restored at the end of Avengers: Endgame and Clint now home, the question becomes: Why does he team up with a new Hawkeye at all?

One reason could be that this is not a Kate Bishop origin story. Instead, it's possible Clint has retired in the wake of Nat's death in Endgame and is getting his family back. So, if a new Hawkeye suddenly appears on the scene, perhaps Clint has to leave the farm and find out who is committing acts of justice in his name.

It's only a theory, but it would jive with the confirmation from Renner's Instagram that the show is filming scenes set in the NYC subway.

'Hawkeye' Release Date
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Hawkeye does not yet have a release date, as everything in the MCU has been rescheduled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As of now, Marvel has confirmed it is slated to arrive sometime in the autumn of 2021 on Disney+.

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