The Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask Shuts Out The World To Quiet Your Mind For The Sweetest Dreams

by Julia Guerra

Between Netflix shows to marathon, social media profiles to stalk, and real life responsibilities like school and work weighing us down, is it really all that surprising that most of us are having trouble falling asleep? The second someone claims a product or holistic remedy (apple cider vinegar, anyone?) guarantees us a high-quality snooze, we’re almost too eager to give any gimmick a try because, well, we’re getting kind of desperate.

Of course, the issue could probably be put to bed (see what I did there?) if we’d all just put down our damn phones, but technology rules our millennial lives, so good luck on that one. Because our minds are basically hardwired to work on overdrive, and continue cranking until we’re good and ready to shut down around 1 a.m., most of us are on the hunt for a quick fix that can put us to sleep and keep us there until morning. Blackout curtains are an option, and sleep masks can generally get the job done, but what if there existed a product that combined the two so every snooze was a literal and metaphorical dream?

The Bedtime Bliss eye mask blocks out any glimpse of light so you can fall asleep, and stay asleep.


Bedtime Bliss BTB01 Black Sleep Mask, $13, Amazon

I’ve experimented with a few eye masks myself, and, well, they look pretty and all, but I’m not sold on their so-called superpowers just yet. Most of the time, brands will stitch on cute sayings, or draw animal eyes that make the mask Insta clickbait for sure, but, at least in my experience, the material is too flimsy, allowing light to still peek through and disrupt my slumber. So you really end up doing it more for the ‘gram, and less for the results.

The Bedtime Bliss eye mask is designed with a contoured shape that blocks out light in all the right places, without putting pressure on your eyes or making it uncomfortable to open them. These may seem like an insignificant details, but it actually makes a huge difference in regards to sleep quality.

The science behind the mask's design is geared toward enhancing the quality of REM sleep.

The restorative part of a sleep cycle when your body winds down and your imagination comes alive is called REM sleep. This occurs after the first 90 minutes of shut-eye, and because our brains are highly active during this time, our pulse quickens, causing our eyes to dart beneath the lids. Bedtime Bliss' eye mask allows your eyes to move freely without any added pressure or discomfort.

Another unique feature of the mask is its adjustable straps. A lot of masks are one-size-fits-all, but if you quickly glance around a crowded room, it's pretty clear that no two heads are exactly the same (duh). The Bedtime Bliss eye mask, however, was created to adhere to all shapes and sizes in order to cater to women, men, and children alike.

It's brilliant, really, and Amazon reviewers are all about this innovative eye mask.

I'm no expert on Amazon reviewers, but from what I've gathered browsing the site over the years, it takes a lot for the vast majority to be in agreement and rant and rave over a product.

Since its initial launch on the site in July of 2015, the eye mask has accrued a whopping 9,688 customer reviews, 65 percent of which rated it a solid four stars. That's impressive AF.

Reviewer Michael Redder wrote,

I cannot sleep with any light or sound, I need complete darkness and quiet. I have always had trouble sleeping. Well, I am so happy that I found this mask! It is extremely comfortable, very soft and doesn’t come off when you move around. It is so soft that you can’t even feel it when wearing it, and the ear plugs are absolutely perfect, they mold perfectly to your ear canal and completely block out all sound.

A woman named Jessica, who claims she's generally not much of a reviewer, raved,

I saw peoples reviews and I thought they were nuts, after all its just a mask, but now I get the excitement ! This is amazing , I love that I can blink while wearing it, nothing pressed on my eyelids, its material doesn't get sweaty and its super comfy . And best of all ZERO light! I have slept so much better since this, recently we did a roadtrip and I could even nap in the car with it, something I have NEVER been able to do before ! Great product !

Reviewer Barbara1948 claims the Bedtime Bliss eye mask has finally made it possible for her to sleep in on her days off. She wrote,

Working long days, when I get the opportunity to sleep in, I can't sleep if the sun is up. This mask totally blocks out the light and the ear plugs are the finishing touch. I wish I would have found this mask sooner, but I will treasure it now that I have it.

Samantha Leigh says it's even great for beauty sleep — literally:

Love this mask. I was using my husbands eye mask and it was always so tight on my eyes. I love this mask because you can adjust it and because it doesn't actually sit on your eyes. As someone who focuses a lot on my skin and appearance, the last thing I want is a tight eye mask on my eyes (the most delicate part of the face!).

So the question now is, what are you waiting for? Press that "add to cart" button ASAP.