Halsey's New Marble Dye Job May Be The Next Viral Hairstyle To Take Over

Kurt Krieger - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone could do with a little more color in their lives, but Halsey took it to the next level. The singer has never been shy or cautious when it comes to her hair, but this new 'do may just take the cake for her most daring. On Nov. 10, Halsey debuted her marble-dyed, shaved head. The buzzcut isn't a new Halsey style, but the slime green, yellow, light blue, and white swirl around her head is like nothing I've ever seen before. It's an explosion of bright colors, just like the marbles your grandfather used to play with.

Halsey first showed off her freshly shaved head on Oct. 19, and it only took her less than a month to switch it up with a new color (er, colors). "Book release things. Everything is disgusting, and it's perfect," the pop star captioned her Instagram slideshow. While I can't tell you what, exactly, she means by that, I can say I'm absolutely obsessed with this new hair. Halsey paired her fresh dye job with a shimmering blue eyeshadow, matte lipstick, and a subtle highlight that made her look incredibly dewy and ethereal.

"There's layers to this. Honesty. Pages of evolution," New York-based hairstylist Martin-Christopher Harper wrote on his own post showing Halsey's new style. He's responsible not only for this new Halsey look, but for her previous waist-length braids, her long pink hair, and a slew of her other transformations. Clearly, there's no one the singer trusts with her hair as much as she does Harper.

As much as I love Halsey's new hair, it's anyone's guess how long it stays, as 26-year-old has a penchant for constantly changing her look. However, it seems she's vibing with the look — she posted another selfie on Nov. 12 matching her makeup and outfit to the marble dye job.

Having so many colors in your hair, especially such short hair, isn't the easiest style to maintain, but this may be the best way to shake up your winter. Rather than the dark dyes people gravitate toward in the colder months, a burst of color easily brightens up your day-to-day life. And I've gotta say, something tells me Halsey's marble dye job may just be the next viral hairstyle everyone's getting.