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Half Of Americans Think Trump Is "Reckless," "Thin-Skinned," & "Sexist"


GOP Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake aren't the only ones passing harsh judgment on the behavior of President Donald Trump lately. According to a new poll from news outlet Politico and data-tracking company Morning Consult, over half of Americans surveyed think Trump is reckless, thin-skinned, and sexist. Meanwhile, 45 percent of respondents say the president is racist. The results of the poll were published on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

Kyle Dropp, the co-founder and Chief Research Officer of Morning Consult, gave further insight on the results of the poll, telling Politico,

The poll from Morning Consult and Politico surveyed 1,988 registered voters between Oct. 19 and 23., asking a series of yes-or-no questions.

The responses indicated that over 45 percent of voter surveyed think President Trump is not trustworthy, not a strong leader, not knowledgable, not honest, not compassionate, and not stable. In addition, 50 percent of responses said Trump doesn't keep his promises.

The results of this latest poll come a day after Sen. Jeff Flake — a Republican who represents Arizona — gave a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate. During the speech, the senator announced that he would not run for reelection in during the 2018 midterm races, but also shared a number of not-so-subtle criticisms of President Trump that mirror the apparent concerns of voters reflected by the poll.

Flake said during his speech,

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Flake also linked his decision to not seek another term to a moral obligation. He said on the Senate floor,

Earlier on Tuesday, before Flake announced he would not seek reelection, Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee also delivered harsh criticisms of the president.

Corker said, per CNN,

Critics of Sen. Corker point out that the soon-to-be-retired senator had campaigned with Trump and is now criticizing the president too late. Meanwhile, critics of Flake argue that the he had already been unpopular in Arizona and looked likely to lose a bid for reelection, with recent polls showing low favorably ratings.

Arizona's polls, however, couldn't possibly be much harsher on Flake than the latest Politico poll was on President Trump.