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Hailey Baldwin Says She Missed Out On 1 Major Thing Growing Up Home-Schooled

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From a young student's perspective, there are plenty of perks to homeschooling — but not everything about it is rainbows and unicorns. For many teens, one of the greatest disadvantages of receiving an education at home is not having as many opportunities to socialize. As someone who was homeschooled for many years, Hailey Baldwin knows all about this. Even though the 24-year-old model never considered herself socially awkward, Hailey Baldwin’s quotes about homeschooling spill so much tea on what getting an education at home was really like — and why she chose homeschool in the first place.

In an April 11 interview with TikTok fave Dixie Di’Amelio, Baldwin got real about her childhood and teen years, noting she was homeschooled for all of elementary school and high school. “I had the option to go to [traditional] school,” Baldwin told Di’Amelio on Di’Amelio’s Early Late Night Show. “[But] my parents either said, ‘You go to Christian school or you can go to homeschool.' There was really no choice in between. They wouldn’t let me go to public school.”

Baldwin said that her dream was to go to a performing arts high school in New York City, but her parents, actor Stephen Baldwin and wife Kennya Baldwin, didn’t allow her to go their, either — so she chose to stay home instead. “When you’re a teenager, and your parents give you the option not to go to school, obviously you’re going to choose not to go to school," Baldwin confessed. "The school [I was allowed to go to] was far away from our house, and I just didn't want to deal with it."

Luckily, even without attending her dream school, Baldwin was able to maintain a fulfilling social life — particularly because she did go to a dance school. “I danced ballet pretty much every day for 12 years, and all of my socializing and my friends and interactions — for the most part — were there,” she said. In terms of female friendships, she feels like she didn’t really miss out.

However, Baldwin did make a major confession: with boys, she thinks she could have experienced a bit more. "I guess like, maybe more with like, boys, like I missed out on interacting with [them]," she said. "I think I'm OK now, but when you're in high school, it's a different environment.”

Baldwin’s thoughts are totally valid. One of the most memorable aspects of high school is definitely breaking through middle-school awkwardness and interacting with your crushes. But as the one-and-only Mrs. Bieber, it definitely seems like Baldwin is getting an A+ in the boys department these days. Love that for her!