Hailey Baldwin Is About To Become The Next Celebrity-Turned-Makeup Mogul

by Stephanie Montes
JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just seven months after marrying her pop-star beau and changing from one famous surname to another, newlywed Hailey Baldwin filed paper work to trademark "Bieber Beauty" with the intention of using it to market a cosmetics line, TMZ reported. (Elite Daily reached out to a representative for Baldwin but did not hear back at the time of publication.) While some might feel confused by her new business venture, Mrs. Bieber has managed her own successful real-life beauty biz experience throughout her years in the spotlight, and some of her previous work experience could hold major clues for what's to come from any future lines she produces.

With so much buzz surrounding what she's up to, here are my predictions for the future Bieber Beauty launches.

Prediction #1: Clean Formulas

Hailey Baldwin is no stranger to posting a bare-faced selfie on her Instagram feed and for good reason: Her skin is immaculate. But that doesn't stop her from turning up the glam factor from time to time. But these days, acting as the current face of Bare Minerals, Hailey is all about spreading the word for clean formulas, cruelty-free beauty, and good-for-you ingredients. Although she didn't have a hand in creating the formulas, it's possible (and very likely) she's learned a few things about the green-beauty market. At the very least, she might opt to go with paraben-free and cruelty-free makeup if she does come out with her own products, but in the mean time, since she hasn't announced any formal plans to do so, fans and beauty lovers will just have to wait patiently to peek at any future ingredient lists.

Prediction #2: Tons Of Color

If Hailey's long-time friend, Kylie Jenner, serves as a source of mentorship (or even inspiration), then brace yourselves because you might be in for some major color moments. Kylie Cosmetics has quickly climbed to the top of the beauty world with their super-pigmented hues and adventurous color stories, proving millennial shoppers love (and love to buy) bold makeup. Also, as a millennial herself, Hailey has shown her droves of Instagram and catwalk followers that she loves playing with color, so she'd be remiss to include bright hues in any of her rumored upcoming lines.

Prediction #3: They'll Be Easy To Use

Everyone can agree that Hailey is one busy woman — between the constant jet-setting and all the time she spends at work to keeping up with famous friends while also being a partner to a successful musician, I'm thinking fans can expect a ton of double-duty beauty buys and tools that make getting glam on the go easy peasy. Plus, in case you missed it, the supermodel collaborated with Aussie beauty brand ModelCo. on a handful of makeup items, including a guitar-pick-looking tool that makes creating a cat eye a breeze.

Prediction #4: It's Not Only Makeup

The request to trademark the name Bieber Beauty is so vague, it can include literally anything from blush to bath and body products. I think makeup is a no-brainer, but on the flip side, her dreamy skin and natural glow could also serve as perfect inspiration for a lineup of skincare treats. Hailey hasn't hinted either way what she's doing quite yet, but it could be coming in the future. Additionally, she loves playing with her hair color, so a few hair products wouldn't be completely out of left field either, right?

There's no telling how long it will be before fans can add Bieber Beauty to our makeup bags, medicine cabinets, or vanity tops, but my fifth prediction is that whatever is coming (if anything is on its way) will take quite some time. Trademarking is the very first step in a long process that will eventually include product formulating, testing, packaging, marketing, and so much more. I mean, Rihanna trademarked Fenty Beauty an entire year before the brand launched their first product.

Now all I want to know is, will Justin be creating any beauty tutorials in support of his wife? Let's hope so.