Here's What Really Happened On Set Before Filming Brienne & Jaime's 'GoT' Sex Scene

by Candice Jalili
Game of Thrones/HBO

Spoiler alert! During Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 4, which aired May 5, Jaime and Brienne finally did it. Gwendoline Christie's quote about filming Jaime and Brienne's Game of Thrones sex scene gives us a pretty great glimpse into what was going through the actors' heads before they shot the scene. "I received a text from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau [the actor who plays Jaime] just laughing," she told Entertainment Weekly. "I sent back a being sick emoji. How modern." Yep, they only spoke in emojis. Even the actors who play Jaime and Brienne couldn't find real words to describe how they felt about filming the pivotal scene.

That being said, the two managed to keep it totally professional on set. In fact, Coster-Waldau told Entertainment Weekly that Christie even warned him to keep things professional by saying, "don't you f*cking laugh" before they filmed the sex scene.

When Entertainment Weekly told Christie what Coster-Waldau had revealed she said, she didn't deny it. "Yeah, there had to be a few conversations: 'Now you’re going to need to be very professional about this,'" she explained. "But I care for the character so deeply so it was important to me that it was taken care of well and I believe it was."

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Ultimately, Christie told Entertainment Weekly that she was happy with the way they handled her character having sex for the first time. "I went through a whole thought process looking at it from many different angles and thought the writing is very good here," she told them. "This is what makes a character three-dimensional, truly. It gives her the agency to explore all the different elements of her life. She’s not just a woman who can fight incredibly well and doesn’t have any need for anything else. She is a woman, she’s a human, she fights brilliantly, she also has some desire of companionship and sensual love."

For those of you who haven't necessarily been keeping up with the show, let me give you a little refresher on why the encounter between Brienne and Jaime was such a big deal.

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Jaime, notorious for being in love with his twin sister, has had a long-standing "will-they-won't-they" with Brienne, who once held him prisoner. Since they met back in Season 2, they've evolved from enemies, to friends, to real, bonafide lovers. So after six seasons of drama, the two knights finally hooked up for the first time, making Jaime more likable than ever. But his likability doesn't last for long. Shortly after making sweet love to Brienne, he freaks out and bounces to presumably make his way back to King's Landing... and Cersei.

Despite the sad ending, Christie is happy with the way her character's big moment went down. "I felt it was important to see a moment of choice from Brienne where she chooses to do this. Brienne is a virgin. As far as we know, Brienne hasn’t had a sexual or romantic encounter before," she explains. "In the books, the character sleeps in her armor to protect herself. It’s important that she choose to explore life in that way and have that experience. I was pleased that if something happens between her and another character that she wants it. I like that she instigated it. As an unconventional woman that we’ve seen grown, I enjoy that she decided to grow in a different way."

Here's to Brienne continuing to surprise us!