Gwen Stefani's Quotes About Blake Shelton Are An IRL Love Song

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After years of speculation and plenty of crossed fingers, it's finally official: Gwen Stefani and Black Shelton got engaged in October 2020! The fact that these two are headed down the aisle shouldn't come as too much of a shock to anyone who's been paying attention to Gwen Stefani's quotes about Blake Shelton over the years, because she's been gushing about her soon-to-be husband from the very beginning of their relationship.

Blake's proposal was just about as old school as you can get. Before he got down on one knee at his home in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, Shelton reportedly ran it by the three most important people in Stefani's life: her three sons Kingston, 14, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 6, a source close to the bride-to-be told People. "Blake told her boys that he wanted to propose and asked their permission," the source reportedly said. Fortunately, the family reportedly gave him the green light. "Her family very much approves of him. He's an amazing partner and a great extra dad to the boys. Gwen is ecstatic. The proposal was a surprise," the source revealed.

This step in their relationship has been a long time coming. The couple first met as coaches on The Voice back in 2014, but at the time, they were both in other relationships. Stefani was still married to Gavin Rossdale, while Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert. But as fate would have it, both Voice stars' marriages ended at about the same time. Shelton and Stefani became one another's respective support systems, and their relationship quickly blossomed into something more. They've been together since 2015.

If there's any question whether things worked out just how they were supposed to, take a look at all the beautiful things Stefani has had to say about Shelton over the years.

On how she felt about him when they first met.

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“He’s such a fun, funny guy. He just seems like such a good person. I love being around him.”

People, October 2015

On how hot Shelton is and having him as a support system.

"I think he's hot, don't you? But to be super honest, it is kind of crazy we both went through the same thing at the same time. There's been so many people that I've gotten so much comfort from. Just people coming to me and telling me their story. Not confiding, but sharing, which has just helped me see things from a different perspective and move forward."

On Air With Ryan Seacrest, November 2015

On being there for each other through tough times.

“When you're going through a really tough time, there are people that come in your life, like a friend that can help you get through things, and he's definitely one of those people. That's it.”

Haute Living, May 2016

On their musical collaborations.

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"Anytime I've ever collaborated with anyone, it's always my favorite. But to do something with him — because he's so talented and comes from such a different world — to make music together, it was just so shocking! So amazing to do it live and share it with everybody.”

ET, May 2016

On when things changed for them.

“Blake was like, 'Everybody, before we go out there, I want to let everyone know that by the time this airs, I will be divorced.' It was like being handed this gift of a friend who was going through the exact same thing at the exact same time and then everything flipped. It went from horrible to, like, hopeful and like, 'Wow, God, you just don't know what's gonna happen next.'”

Harper’s Bazaar, July 2016

On her reaction to Shelton being named “People’s Sexiest Man Alive”

"He doesn't even like to do a photo shoot. You can never convince him to do it. So he just called me like, ‘They want me to do this.' And I was like, ‘You should totally do it! You're so sexy!'"

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, November 2017

On what she thought about marrying Shelton.

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"You know, what? I love weddings. The kids love him. We love him. Everybody loves him. He is lovable! I think about it all the time."

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, April 2018

On how her style has evolved since dating Shelton.

"[My style is] more feminine than ever before. It's probably because I'm super in love and have a really manly man. I enjoy letting that part of me come out now because when I was in No Doubt, I never thought of myself as sexy. Even in my 30s, I was a tomboy. I hardly ever carried a purse."

InStyle, July 2018

On how people are just drawn to Shelton.

"He's so good at the show, I mean, he's just so magical. Blake is literally a unicorn. Like anywhere he goes, people are just attracted to him, and he's such an incredible talent."

SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live, September 2019

On experiencing and loving his lifestyle.

"I grew up in Orange County, so I don't know if you've been down there, but it's nothing like the middle of America and our nature was the beach. So to be able to be in Oklahoma and be able to experience a ranch kind of vibe is just something I never ever had, so it's just been really, it's been great, amazing."

Jimmy Kimmel Live, August 2020

On how she can’t picture her life without him.

“I also think about this a lot. I love to play this game with myself where I picture myself in my Voice chair, right, because I didn’t know Blake Shelton existed before I went on that show. Meanwhile he’s literally one of the biggest, like, 27 number one radio hits, you know, he’s insane. So, I just always like to picture myself and think about before I knew him and that first season I didn’t know him at all. And then imagine, now like he’s my boyfriend and I won a song on a country — like, it’s too hard to imagine. It’s inconceivable that we would even know each other and be friends let alone do music together. But at the same time it’s like we have so many things that come together and we’re the same, even with music.”

Late Night with Seth Meyers, Oct. 26, 2020

Oh my God. I’m not crying. You’re crying! If Gwen and Blake don't make you believe true love lives, I don't know what will.

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