Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton's Astrological Compatibility Says They’re In Perfect Harmony
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I feel like we've basically been on wedding watch from the moment Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton started dating back in 2015. Sure, they may seem like an odd couple on paper — he’s a country star she’s an alternative rock star — but there's always been something that seemed to just click and feel right in their chemistry, which is so palpable. Once you take Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's astrological compatibility into consideration, their pairing starts to make even more sense.

Stefani was born on Oct. 3, under the sign of Libra, and Shelton's birthday is June 18, which makes him a Gemini. If you're familiar with how these two signs interact, then you know they're two of the most highly compatible in the zodiac. Both are air signs, so they both have a light and breezy touch when it comes to relationships. Neither is pressuring or crowding toward the other, but rather, they prefer to let things take their own natural course. But don't let that easy approach fool you. Air is a profoundly powerful element, and when these two come together and are heading in the same direction, there will be no stopping them. What I'm saying is that if you're a fan of their love story, the forecast is very good. Here's what else we can surmise about their connection based on their astrological signs.

Their Connection Is Built On Mutual Trust And Understanding
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Libra is not a sign that makes snap decisions. They tend to waiver back and forth before finally settling on a course of action. However, once they've made a decision, this is a sign that knows their own mind and sticks with it. So, while it may take Libra a while to decide if someone is “the one,” when they know, they know. This is something adaptable Gemini understands instinctually, so they also understand the gravity of Libra’s decision, which helps both signs form a powerful bond of trust.

Healthy Communication Is One Of Their Greatest Assets As A Couple
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When Venus-ruled Libra and Mercury-ruled Gemini come together, it's the ultimate meeting of love and communication. Libra is a sign that would prefer to avoid confrontation, so in past relationships things tended to go awry when all the unsaid resentments became too toxic to bury anymore and came bursting out. However, Gemini is such a skilled communicator that they are actually able to draw Libra out, and talk openly about the important topics before resentment has a chance to set in.

They Feel Like A Breath Of Fresh Air To Each Other
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Because both Gemini and Libra are air signs, when together, they feel like they've finally found a partner who understands how to truly go with the flow. One who doesn’t have to constantly be charging ahead and who never becomes a brick wall. This allows both signs to take things at their own pace, and it's a relief to finally find someone who naturally understands that. There's also just a natural balance to their personalities, which means everything to Libra, who's always seeking harmony. Gemini’s duality is intoxicating to Libra. Others might become uneasy around Gemini's unpredictability, but for Libra it feels like home.

It’s Never Boring Or Routine In The Bedroom With These Two Signs
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Both signs are highly curious and adaptable. They love to explore and try new things, so keeping things fresh and exciting in the bedroom comes naturally to this pairing. Libra and its connection to Venus means they are the driving force when it comes to the passion, and Gemini’s gift for communication and versatility means they're up for anything, and open to talking about what is working for them. Gemini and Libra are basically a perfect storm of sexual compatibility. As a result, when these two do hit the occasional rough patch that all couples face from time to time, they can work it all out in the bedroom.

While we continue to wait for an engagement (any day now, Gwen and Blake!), at least now you can feel confident that these two aren't going anywhere — at least not without each other.