Gigi Hadid Rated A Bunch Of Granola On IG & Now I Have The Munchies

Kristy Sparow/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid is one of the best celebrities to follow Instagram, so if you didn't click follow yet, you better get to it. Her Stories never disappoint. Besides sharing adorable pics of her and Zayn Malik's baby, the star likes to give her followers random tidbits of information they can all use. On Sunday, Jan. 3, she posted a glowing review of a monthly subscription package from Tom's Granola, and after watching it, you'll be ordering right away. The video wasn't even sponsored, so you know it must be good. If you have five minutes, go through Gigi Hadid's Instagrams rating granola because I guarantee that's where you'll find your new favorite snack.

You'll be craving granola right from the start of Hadid's Story. The star said she knows the review is random, but the brand was so good she had to share it with everyone. "Usually, I feel like people would do granola reviews in the morning, but the baby's sleeping now, so I feel like I can focus on the granola," Hadid said. (She and Malik announced the birth of their baby girl in September 2020.)

The model couldn't believe she was asked to send in feedback for the monthly package. "I don't know how or why I get chosen as one of the lucky chosen ones to rate a different one of Tom's Granolas each month," Hadid said, revealing December's monthly granola was ginger. "As you can see, I loved it. I literally eat this as a snack."


Hadid then showed off her nearly-empty bag of granola to the camera and it was low-key ASMR. The star said, before getting the subscription, she was more into eating granola with yogurt, but now she eats the granola alone. "This I just can't stop eating," Hadid gushed.

Although she gave it a 10/10, Hadid suggested Tom's Granola add just a bit more ginger, explaining, "When I get that little ginger moment, I just feel so lucky and excited."

Let me tell you, Hadid definitely came through with her feedback because she even judged them by appearance and aroma. Talk about being thorough! Watch Hadid's Instagrams rating granola below.

Fans loved Hadid's review, saying it was the best five minutes of their days.

If you want to get the monthly subscription for yourself, you have to join Tom's Granola waitlist. The price is only $20 and you'll get a different flavor each month. Plus, it includes shipping and handling.

Thanks Gigi for always coming through for your fans!