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George Bush's "Bigotry" Speech Was One Big Subtweet At Trump


On Thursday, Oct. 19, former President George W. Bush delivered a speech that condemned many of the features of current President Donald Trump's politics. During the speech, the 43rd president of the United States urged Americans to "remember our values," denounced bigotry, and warned against the dangers of nationalism, which has fueled the "America first" worldview that Trump championed during his presidential campaign. During his George Bush's speech on bigotry and other political subjects, the former president said,

In the whole of the speech, Bush also spoke about the division of the U.S.'s national discourse and lamented the state of the country's politics. The 71-year-old former president said,

Bush didn't mention President Trump's name during the speech, but he delivered very obvious criticism of both Trump policies and controversial moments during Trump's presidency.

At one point, former President Bush asserted that the need to help people who are "hurting" in the U.S. should not mean fighting against globalization, which President Trump has long criticized as the source of many American problems. Bush said on Thursday,

At another point, Bush warned that efforts from foreign governments to influence American politics — which a number of U.S. intelligence agencies agree is what Russia has tried to do — should not be downplayed. Trump, his administration, and other Republicans have been criticized throughout the year for doing just that: downplaying Russian influence. Bush said on Thursday,

Bush's speech in New York came during a rare public appearance for the former Texas governor. Since leaving the White House, "W" has been known to seldom speak on current events. On Thursday, however, he made certain points that he had raised in the past.

Back in January, while speaking about the early days of the Trump presidency, Bush told People magazine,

His speech in New York echoed the same sentiment. Bush said,

Former President George W. Bush delivered his remarks at Manhattan's Time Warner Center, where the Bush Institute’s Spirit of Liberty event was held on Thursday.