Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Is Coming Back Just In Time For The Holidays

General Mills

Christmas could be coming early this year, thanks to General Mills. There are some rumblings online that General Mills' Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch is coming back. In case you don't know, this is a really big deal. Fans of the cereal (including me) have been waiting for its return for quite some time, and that time has finally come. Plus, it's a beautiful thing anytime the flavors of sugar cookies are turned into a crunchy cereal.

Dessert for breakfast? Sign me up. According to General Mills, their famous Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch is coming back out of retirement sometime very soon. If you love sugar cookies, you are going to be over the moon once you try Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch. According to General Mills, you can expect to see Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch on store shelves sometime in October. An exact date was not provided by the company. The cereal hasn't been seen since late 2014, according to the official Cinnamon Toast Crunch Twitter account. Suffice to say, it's been a hot minute since anyone has been able to chow down on a bowl of Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch.

Packaging images of the Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch first surfaced when Instagram food bloggers @cerealouslynet and @junkbanter posted photos earlier this month. According to General Mills, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch will be solid in regular sized-cereal boxes for $2.50 and 19.3-ounce family size boxes for $3.99. I'll opt for the family-size box, because why not? More bang for your buck. The family-size box is perfect for sharing. Although, call me selfish, but I probably won't be sharing my personal box of Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch with anybody. It's too good to share. That's not to say I won't be gifting a box of this deliciousness to a few friends during the holiday season. It's the perfect present, IMO.

General Mills

The holiday-themed cereal is coming back for a limited time, according to General Mills. The front of the red cereal box shows a stocking with little pieces of the crunchy toasts wearing red and green Santa hats. Attached to the stocking is a tag that reads "limited edition." It's unclear how long the Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch will reportedly be available for purchase, but I'll be stocking up on boxes of this sugary sweet treat ASAP.

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch should be available through the holiday season. What happens after that? Well, I'm not sure. Hopefully, it won't be another four years before Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch reappears, but it's a cereal worth waiting for.

It's unclear where exactly you can pick up a box of General Mills' Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch, but I would expect you should be able to find it anywhere that General Mills' cereals are sold. According to General Mills, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch will be available at stores nationwide. Stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon all stock General Mills products, so my suggestion is to check there first.

For me, breakfast is one of those meals that is hit or miss for me. Unless I've got the time to whip up something delicious, I usually wait until closer to lunchtime to eat. That's all changing now that General Mills' Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch is reportedly coming back.