French President Macron's Dog Peed In A Fireplace During A Meeting & Twitter Screamed

by Collette Reitz

Monday mornings usually mean boring work meetings. You're probably used to fueling up with a couple cups of coffee to make sure you don't doze of during the financial reports portion. Recently, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, had some help from his pup to make sure that his meeting was anything but boring. That's right, French President Macron's dog peed in a fireplace during a meeting, and Twitter was here for it.

According to Yahoo News, President Macron was meeting with government members at the Elysée Palace when his dog Nemo decided to pay them a visit. I'm not sure if they were discussing major dog park changes, mandating a kibble switch to which Nemo was opposed, or if nature was simply calling; whatever the cause, the president's dog decided to pee right there on the fireplace inside the palace. All of the meeting's attendees must have been dog-lovers (or prone to laughing in uncomfortable situations), because the incident was met with chuckles and smiles by President Macron and the three junior ministers with whom he was meeting.

Of course, something like this will always find its way to Twitter. The reactions to the two-year-old lab relieving himself inside of the Elysée Palace are everything and more.

Of course, the Trump jokes were coming in hot.

I mean, it was just too easy. How could you not go there?

Nemo knows what Jonathan and Drew would do.

Even dogs aren't immune to Property Brothers marathons.

Alternate headlines regarding the incident were considered.

There wasn't actually a fire hazard reported, but I bet Nemo would step in if he needed to.

Others believed Nemo benefitted greatly from presidential pet privilege.

Sometimes it pays to be close to the guy in charge.

Perhaps it wasn't all Nemo's fault.

Even presidents can choose to sleep-in instead of walking their pup.

For something that's considered bad, it wasn't really that bad.

He's got a point.

Some were less shocked than others to hear the news that "dogs pee on stuff."

Apparently this wasn't the first time a pet had inserted themselves into government meetings.

Former UK member of Parliament, Jacqui Smith, recounted a similar anecdote of her own.

Twitter users weren't the only ones finding the funny in Nemo's actions.

According to Yahoo News, Macron definitely had a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. In the video, you can hear a strange noise, which turns out to be Nemo, and one of the junior ministers said, "I wondered what that noise was." Another junior minister then asked, "It happens often?" Macron replied (while visibly laughing), "No, you have triggered a totally unusual behavior in my dog." It sounds like President Macron is as quick with his wit as Nemo is with a lift of his leg.

The whole exchange happened quickly and with laughs from everyone. I mean, if you can't laugh at the brazen doggo who was unfazed by official government business, then what can you laugh at? It's refreshing to see that those involved with the government are capable of having a sense of humor, especially at a time when U.S. politics leaves many Americans laughing just to keep from crying.

It's possible that Nemo, who the Macrons adopted from a shelter in August, won't have the same free reign around the Elysée Palace the next time a government meeting is in session, but he sure made this one an experience Macron and the junior ministers won't soon forget. Plus, if anyone was close to dozing off, I'm sure they kept their eyes wide open for the duration of the meeting.

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