Franzia Has New Mini Boxes Of Rosé For Under $5 That Are Perfect For Patio Season

Courtesy of Franzia

Summer is coming, and that means it's almost time to pop open a bottle of my favorite warm weather drink: Rosé. However, sometimes it can be cumbersome to bring a bottle of rosé — or whatever wine you prefer to drink — in your bag when you're going to meet your friends for some outdoor sippin'. The glass bottle can clank against your phone and keys, and, really it just takes up a lot of space, IMO. However, Franzia's new "Little Franz" mini boxed wines are the perfect way to sip on your favorite summer drink without all of the hassles of a full-size bottle.

On Tuesday, April 2, Franzia announced a brand new line up of the most adorable mini wines that are going to revolutionize your patio season plans. The tiny packages are so portable and come in several different flavors. According to the winery, the new "Little Franz" mini boxes of wine come in the following four flavors. Here's what you can expect each one to taste like, per Franzia:

  • Chardonnay: Like all good chardonnays, this one has a clean finish. The white wine is semi-dry and medium-bodied.
  • Pinot Grigio/Colombard: In case you're not familiar, Colombard is a white French wine grape. The combination of Colmbard and Pint Grigio makes this wine light and fresh with a vibrant, citrus flavor.
  • Rosé/Sunset Blush: You can rosé all day with this one. The wine has notes of red berries and white peaches for a summery sip.
  • Crisp White: This medium-bodied wine features floral aromas and notes of fresh fruit that's perfect for spring.
Courtesy of Franzia

You really can't go wrong with any of these flavors because they are perfect for sippin' on the patio, but rosé is definitely going to be my go-to. Each of Franzia's "Little Franz" mini wine boxes are sold in 500-milliliter Tetra Paks, according to Franzia.

Starting in April, the "Little Franz" collection will begin a nationwide rollout, according to an email from Franzia sent to Elite Daily. The winery didn't disclose any specifics as to where you can find the adorable mini wines. However, Franzia's website indicates that you can find its products just about anywhere wine is sold.

Now, to the price. Per Franzia, the mini boxed wines have a suggested retail price of $3.49 a carton. That's much more cost effective than the $8 glass of wine I order when I go out to dinner with friends.

Courtesy of Franzia

What I love the most about Franzia's new "Little Franz" wines is the size. The small cartons are perfect for tossing in your bag when you're headed out to a party with friends. Talk about portable.

Also, if you don't finish your wine, you can seal it back up for later. Each Tetra Pak comes with a lid that screws on and off. I'm a big fan of wine bottles that come with a screw top and not a cork. Sometimes I have a hard time stuffing the cork back into the bottle, but I've never had any troubles with a screw cap. That's just another bonus of the "Little Franz" mini boxed wines, IMO.

The weather is finally starting to warm up, so it's safe to say that patio season is about to be in full swing. I'll be stocking my outdoor cooler with several of these "Little Franz" wines to sip on this spring. Cheers.