EXO's Kai & BLACKPINK's Jennie Have Broken Up, So Fans Are Heartbroken

Sometimes, things that start up very quickly also end just as fast, and it seems like that's the case for two of K-pop's favorite artists, EXO's Kai and BLACKPINK's Jennie. Their relationship was confirmed just a few short weeks ago on Jan. 1, but unfortunately, it looks like EXO's Kai and BLACKPINK's Jennie have broken up, which is a real bummer. And the reported reason behind the breakup is even more depressing, because apparently, their busy schedules within their careers are to blame.

As we rang in 2019, it was officially confirmed by Kai's reps that he and Jennie were a couple, despite the fact that, according to a report by Dispatch, the pair may have been seeing each other as far back as October 2018 when the two were both attending fashion week in Paris (NBD). Some internet sleuths even did a bit of investigating on social media, and found that both Kai and Jennie traveled to the Eiffel Tower around Oct. 2, and took photos at the historic landmark. While it seems like anybody could have taken the photos of each artist, Jennie's caption read, "Had the most romantic dinner admiring the eiffel tower 🗼❣️ #happyjen," so really, you tell me what you think was going down:

And here's Kai at the Eiffel Tower (posted only one day after Jennie's picture), for good measure:

I mean, come on. Did they really think they were fooling anyone?

But fast forward to present day, where SM Entertainment released a statement to the press, confirming that the couple has parted ways. At first, the statement noted that specifics behind the breakup weren't yet known, but South Korean online platform Naver revealed that those "close to the situation" have claimed that Jennie and Kai have decided to split up after four months of dating because of work.

WORK, you guys. Work is reportedly to blame for this. Work tore love apart.


And this is just another reason why we shouldn't have jobs.

According to Koreaboo, the article stated that the pair agreed that the timing wasn't right and they needed to separate in order to focus on their personal careers, but they have chosen to remain friends.

Naturally, fans on Twitter had a lot of ~feelings~ about the breakup.

Some fans were in true disbelief:

And others felt like fans should respect their privacy despite the sadness of the news:

BRB, just going to have a quick cry sesh over here.

Some fans have also theorized that Kai and Jennie's labels, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, played a role in their breakup. If you think that sounds impossible, it's not — after it was revealed in August that another K-pop couple, soloist HyunA and E'Dwan, were dating in secrecy for two years, their former label, Cube Entertainment, dropped them, citing a loss of trust as the reasoning.

Fans have been speculating whether or not Kai and Jennie's labels had anything to do with their breakup, and took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

I don't know what to believe, friends. All I know is that I'd really love for 2019 to have fewer celeb breakups, so can we please try to make that a thing? Thanks in advance.