Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson) on 'Derry Girls'

OMG, Erin's Diary From 'Derry Girls' Is Now A Real Book & It's Coming Out Soon


Season 3 of Netflix's Derry Girls may be on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean fans will have to go without a fix of their favorite Irish teens for too long. A little piece of their 1990s Irish world is coming soon, and you're going to want to get your hands on it. Erin's diary from Derry Girls is now a real book, so fans can experience all her cheeky drama in a whole new way.

The official title of the book is Erin's Diary: An Official Derry Girls Book, as revealed on Instagram by Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin on the show. In July, she posted a selfie with the diary and wrote, "you should really read it our she’ll be absolutely raging at you."

The book is actually written by Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee, but it's all told through Erin's point of view as she gets into antics with her friends Orla, Clare, and Michelle. Fans will get the character's firsthand accounts of all her family, her crushes, and the nuns at her Catholic school during a heated time in Ireland's history. The book's synopsis reads:

While The Troubles may hang over her hometown, Erin has troubles of her own, like the fact that the boy she's in love with (actually in LOVE with) doesn't know she exists. Or that her Ma and Aunt Sarah make her include her weirdo cousin Orla in everything she does. Or that head teacher Sister Michael refuses to acknowledge Erin as a literary genius. Not to mention the fact that her second best friend has ALMOST had sex, whereas Erin's never even kissed anyone yet. These are Erin's Troubles.

According to McGee, Erin's Diary: An Official Derry Girls Book will reveal new information about storylines from the series and include brand-new adventures with Erin and her friends. "Hopefully it will keep fans laughing until series three hits the screen," McGee told UK publication Stylist.

Erin's Diary: An Official Derry Girls Book will be released in the UK on Nov. 12. A U.S. publication date hasn't been announced yet, but it'll hopefully be soon so American fans can get their fix of Derry Girls.