Erica's role in 'Stranger Things' Season 4 will likely be bigger given reports that Priah Ferguson h...

This ‘Stranger Things’ Star Will Reportedly Get A Lot More Screen Time In Season 4


It sounds like the Stranger Things crew will be growing even bigger in Season 4, as a side character has will reportedly be upped to a main character for the mysterious new season. Variety reported that Priah Ferguson, who plays Lucas' bold younger sister, Erica Sinclair, will be promoted to a series regular in Season 4. That opens up the question of what Erica's role in Stranger Things Season 4 will be, since it sounds like it is going to be much more important. Netflix declined to comment on these reports when Elite Daily reached out.

Erica has slowly become a fan-favorite character among Stranger Things fans, so an expanded role for her in Season 4 would be very welcome news. Along with Variety's sources claiming Ferguson has been upped to a main role for the upcoming season, Deadline has also cited sources that claim to confirm the news. While Netflix has not made an official announcement, this would follow Erica's trajectory for the past few seasons. Ferguson's character did not appear at all in the first season of Stranger Things, then she stole a few scenes as a guest role in Season 2, and got even more screen time as a recurring part in Season 3. Now that she has become more involved with the main cast than ever, it only makes sense that she would get a lot more to do in Season 4.


In Season 3, Erica got an upgrade from just being Lucas' pesky little sister to becoming a super sleuth, helping Steve, Dustin, and Robin uncover and infiltrate the secret Russian base within the Starcourt Mall. Since Season 4 is still shrouded in mystery, it's unclear what Erica may get up to in the new episodes, but it sounds like she will be a solid part of the core team this time around.

The casting reports come a week after Netflix released the first look at Stranger Things Season 4 — a brief teaser that confirmed Jim Hopper is indeed alive and well after throwing himself into the gateway to the Upside Down in the Season 3 finale. The teaser showed Hopper working on a railway in Russia, heavily implying that he was indeed the American prisoner at the Russian facility mentioned at the end of Season 3.

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for Season 4 of Stranger Things, but fans are expecting the new season to drop either in late 2020 or early 2021.