Morgan from Elite Daily's 'Starcrossed'

Episode 3 Of 'Starcrossed,' Elite Daily's Dating Astrology Show, Might Shock You

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If you loved Love Is Blind and swear by your daily Co-Star readings, Episode 3 of Starcrossed, Elite Daily’s dating astrology show, will be the highlight of your day. Each episode ~stars~ (pun intended) a single dater as they meet and go on short dates with astrologically compatible matches. But whether or not they’ll actually vibe? You’ll have to watch to find out.

This week, viewers meet Morgan, a Leo with a Taurus moon. She’s an actor and stand-up comedian looking for a relationship (“but nothing too serious”) with someone funny and intelligent who can hold a conversation. She meets six single guys hand-picked for her based on their zodiac signs, but the kicker is, she can’t actually see any of them. These are blind dates, so Morgan has to use her intuition to pick three dudes to come face-to-face with.

Her first date is with fellow comedian Idriss, a Libra who tries to impress her with an Eddie Murphy impression. Next, she meets pro-wrestler Leon, a Capricorn, who confesses she’s his first date ever (!!). Then there’s Ike, a Pisces, who makes some pretty on-the-nose assumptions about her, and Andrew, a Taurus and fellow actor who makes Morgan wonder if she’d click with someone in her same field. She exchanges witty cupcake banter (just watch, trust) with Evan, an Aquarius (classic Aquarius, am I right?), and listens to Libra Max ramble about his passion for spirituality.

Once she speed-dates all six candidates, she picks three she feels a possible connection with and meets them face-to-face, and from there, decides if she wants to go on second dates. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but let’s just say, if some of these revelations don’t surprise you, Morgan’s final decision definitely will.

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