Emma Chamberlain Got A Major Haircut On Camera & The Whole Thing Is Chaotic Good

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm obsessed with Emma Chamberlain, and I don't care who knows it!!! I can't say what it is about her — her self-deprecating humor, determination to learn literally every TikTok dance, or if I'm just in it for her cats — but I'd, like, watch her eat oatmeal with an enthusiasm I reserve for not a single other thing apart from haircare and avoiding responsibilities. So naturally, watching Emma Chamberlain get a super short haircut at the hands of renowned celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin was my personal heaven, with two of my favorite worlds colliding in the most hilarious way.

Chamberlain joined Atkin on her YouTube channel in a video titled both accurately and inaccurately, "I CUT EMMA CHAMBERLAIN'S HAIR (AND MADE HER CRY?)." After a few short clips of Chamberlain in different wigs, the video begins with Atkin saying, "Emma, we're gonna cut off this hair." She continues later, "I love you. I think you are so good at what you do... but your hair," and already, this video is sending me. I don't know where, but it's sending me. The two briefly discuss the current state of Chamberlain's hair — long, dark brown, dyed several times in the past, and currently featuring a faded blue streak (the result of an on-screen failed dye attempt) — before she gives Atkin free reign to do whatever she wants to Chamberlain's hair.

This video, in all its glory, is the definition of chaotic good:

"This is an iconic moment. Emma Chamberlain is doing a major, major, major makeover," Atkin says as she preps Chamberlain with a cape. The immediate look on Chamberlain's face tells you everything you need to know about how the rest of the video goes. Considering Chamberlain's only instruction to Atkin is to "make [her] date-able" because she's "very single," Atkin has tons of room to ~improvise~. And Chamberlain doesn't get to see any of it, because they cut the monitors.

Arguably the most stressful part (whether for me or Chamberlain remains to be seen) of the whole damn video is when Atkin takes a literally hair trimmer — the kind you shave someone's head with — to Chamberlain's ponytail, shaving off at least a good six inches, if not more. As Atkin dry-cuts the rest of Chamberlain's hair from there, the two talk through old pictures of Chamberlain's hair phases, which include a Cosmo and Wanda-esque pink-and-green color job and a cheerleading poof so big, I could live there.

The long-awaited final reveal shows Chamberlain with a pretty drastic change in length. And not to be dramatic, but I need to get the same one, like, right now immediately. Watch the full video above to see her reaction to Atkin's cut.