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Emma Chamberlain's Response To Rumors She's A Trump Supporter Was So Mature

Emma Chamberlain is outspoken about a lot of things in her life — like her fashion and food choices — but politics is not one of them. While the 19-year-old was legally allowed to vote for the first time in the 2020 presidential election, Chamberlain did not use her immensely popular social media platforms to endorse either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, which left some fans wondering which party she supported. After a lot of unprovoked speculation, Emma Chamberlain responded to rumors she's a Trump supporter and her words were so mature.

After Biden was announced as the projected winner of the election on Saturday, Nov. 7, some of Chamberlain's 3.9 million Twitter followers noticed the YouTuber deactivated her account. Many fans couldn't help but wonder if it was Chamberlain's way of reacting to the election results, pointing out that she must be upset if she's a Republican. "Emma chamberlain really deactivated right after biden won... kind of sus if u ask me," one Twitter user wrote.

Another person took things a step further and admitted they searched Chamberlain's name and state to find out she was registered as a Republican. However, her name isn't super rare, so it's possible that it wasn't even the correct Emma Chamberlain.

"FOR ALL WONDERING!! there’s a website where you can find if people are registered to vote if you have their name and state, and this website said that emma chamberlain is registered as republican," the person wrote. "She also deactivated today and people are saying it’s because biden won :)"

Chamberlain seemingly had enough of the rumors, taking to her Instagram Stories to speak out.

"I really don’t like to engage in any internet drama/ lies. But today is a VERY big day," she wrote, not confirming or denying her political stance. "Today is a day to celebrate. I really don’t want to spend today defending made up facts about me. I hope we can all come together today, celebrate, and LOVE each other. The future is very bright. I love you all so much. Every single one of you."

Though Chamberlain didn't address any candidate by name, it's clear she's all about putting the good of the world ahead of anything else.