Emma Chamberlain has a new Snapchat series

Emma Chamberlain Has A Brand-New Snapchat Series & I'm Already Hooked

Emma Chamberlain is figuring out how to be an adult — or at least she's trying to, one bite-sized snippet at a time. The 18-year-old YouTuber's new Snapchat series Adulting with Emma Chamberlain shows the world all that goes into her process of growing up, chronicling all the ups and downs of trying to figure out adulthood. Of course, as with pretty much anything Chamberlain does, the results are super entertaining.

Adulting with Emma Chamberlain is part of Snapchat's new "Creator Show" series, which includes projects from 19 different creators, including Spencer Pratt, Serena Williams, and, of course, Chamberlain. According to Snapchat, Adulting will show Chamberlain conquering adulthood. The app's description reads: "From doing taxes to throwing a dinner party for friends, watch Chamberlain as she masters the quintessential skills for becoming a grownup!"

Episode 1 features Chamberlain planning a mini-themed dinner party, which works perfectly for her mini-length episodes on Snapchat. She goes all out in her planning, even choosing to send out handwritten invitations to her party guests. "Sending paper invitations is like the peak of adulthood. I hope I can figure this out," Chamberlain says in the episode. Of course, not everything goes exactly to plan, but that's all just a part of adulting, I suppose.


Chamberlain announced her new Snapchat series in her Instagram story on Nov. 4. And in a press release from Snapchat, she expressed how excited she is to bring her content to another platform. She said:

Snapchat has always been my favorite platform to post random and funny things on because it’s so relaxed. My favorite part about it is that I get to watch my own Snapchat Stories a few hours after I post them for entertainment.... kind of embarrassing, I know…"

If there's one thing Adulting is, it is definitely relaxed. Chamberlain talks directly to the camera and she isn't afraid to let the audience in on all her little mistakes, like when she forgets where you're supposed to go to buy stamps (#relatable). Watching Adulting feels like hanging out with a friend who's figuring life out alongside you — if that friend was expertly funny and had more than 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

New episodes of Adulting drop on Snapchat each weekday through December; you can find it on the Discover page of the app.