A screenshot from the video of Emma Chamberlain's new coffee announcement.

Coffee Snobs, Rejoice! Emma Chamberlaine Dropped Her Own Brand Of Coffee


If you start your day by checking YouTube to see if Emma Chamberlain posted a new video, then, boy, do I have a surprise for you! You'll love waking up to the smell of Chamberlain's own brand of coffee, which you can buy now, just in time for the holiday season. Emma Chamberlain's new coffee will warm you right up this winter, so don't miss out.

Ahead of her new product's release, Chamberlain teased a special announcement on her Instagram Story with a countdown leading up to Dec. 22. Fans guessed the announcement would be Chamberlain releasing her own coffee brand, since they discovered she followed @ChamberlainCoffee on Instagram just days before her announcement.

Then, on Dec. 22, Chamberlain shared her "MY COFFEE RECIPE" video — a follow up to her viral "LEGENDARY COFFEE RECIPE" video from 2017 — where the star updated fans on her latest cold brew recipe, which uses products from her brand new coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee.

"This is something I'm extremely proud of," Chamberlain said, explaining her new coffee comes in a bag (similar to a teabag), which makes it really versatile. "You can make cold brew with them in the way that I showed you, or you can put them into hot water and make a hot cup of coffee," Chamberlain shared.

Watch Chamberlain announce her coffee below.

Fans eager to try Chamberlain Coffee can purchase it on the Chamberlain Coffee's official website. There, fans will find several options, including five coffee bags for $10, 10 bags for $20, 20 bags for $40, or 30 bags for $60.

"My single-serve Steeped Coffee Bags are filled with 100% specialty coffee. Every bag is nitro-sealed inside packaging that's made using compostable and renewable materials, making every cup eco-friendly," the website states. "Think of a fancy tea bag but with delicious fresh roasted coffee inside. Simply open the sustainable packaging for a single serving of pre-ground, pre-dosed, specialty coffee. Just heat water, submerge bag, steep, enjoy!"

Apart from the actual coffee, fans can purchase a "Chamberlain Coffee" mug and 10-pack coffee bundle for $35, or a limited-edition travel mug and 10-pack coffee bundle for $45.

Check out the "Chamberlain Coffee" mug and travel mug below.

Chamberlain Coffee
Chamberlain Coffee

The website also gives very specific instructions on how to make "Emma's Favorite Cold Brew" or "Delicious Hot Coffee," as seen in her "MY COFFEE RECIPE" video.

Either way you make it, it's sure to be delicious. Chamberlain is obviously a huge coffee lover, so if she says it's good, it must be amazing.