Emma Chamberlain Just Brought Back One Of Her Most Iconic, Sold-Out Merch Drops

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If you know Emma Chamberlain, you know Frankie and Declan. Her two cats meander about in the background (...and the foreground... and all over the ground) in just about every single one of her YouTube videos. The duo were the muses for Chamberlain's Frankie and Declan merch drop — a collection of of hoodies, sweats, socks, and other apparel that sold out like lightning the minute the items were live on the site — earlier this year. Now, for Black Friday, Chamberlain's Frankie and Declan merch is back and better than ever.

The new Cats drop features a blue hoodie with matching sweatpants, a red crewneck sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a tote bag, and and a pair of white crew socks. The sweatshirts features cartoon drawings of Frankie and Declan as an angel and devil, respectively, on either shoulder, along with the words "do it" and "don't do it" on either sleeve. The same design is featured on the legs of the sweatpants, while only the cartoon designs are printed on the socks and tote.

All of the drops for Chamberlain's apparel follow the same quirky through-line: They each play upon some humorous aspect of Chamberlain's life, deepening the personal relationship she fosters with fans and followers in every other aspect of her online presence. The custom designs — often drawn by Chamberlain herself or taken directly from childhood photos — stray away from kitsch-y, overly self-promotional merch and more toward the quirky, one-of-a-kind treasures hidden in the shelves of your local vintage shop. Outside of the Frankie and Declan merch, you've seen the same vibe in Chamberlain's October drop, blazoned with a childhood photo of her in zombie makeup saying, "I really need to lay down."


As expected with any part of drop culture, her collections don't usually stick around for long. Her first Frankie and Declan line certainly didn't, and judging from the social hype leading up to this launch, the Frankie and Declan 2.0 drop will be no different.

With such high demand for limited supply often comes disappointment for fans, which Chamberlain hopes to alleviate with the introduction of the Core Collection — a standard line of a hoodie, a crewneck, a t-shirt, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and a beanie, available in a range of colors and all featuring the text "Emma Frances Chamberlain" — that's available in larger quantities around the clock. Both the Core Collection and the limited drops are priced pretty accessibly, which likely contributes to how quickly they disappear.

Do some finger stretches, memorize your credit card number — IDK, just do whatever you have to do to better your chances of copping one of Chamberlain's new Frankie and Declan pieces. Peep the limited-edition collection, as well as some key items from the Core Collection, below:

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